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I Shine provides at-home learning programs, live group webinars, 1-on-1 coaching, and certification programs to help create confident, connected, spiritually conscious families who are living fearlessly according to their unique purpose.

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Child Self-Esteem “Bully-Proof” Home Study Program
Child Self-Esteem “Bully-Proof” Home Study ProgramPowerful Girl Within Program
Powerful Girl Within Home Study Program
“Stress Free Strategies for Conscious Moms Program”
“Stress Free Strategies for Conscious Moms Program”Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids CD Series, Volume 1
Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids CD Series, Volume 1


Founder Jill Hope has designed and developed several unique and innovative parenting programs, certification programs, and educational curricula that teach parents and teachers how to foster self-esteem, build character, and raise emotionally healthy, empowered kids. Ishine_Logo

“We can’t give to our children that which we do not have. One of my goals is to help parents find greater awareness and presence, as this will be naturally absorbed by our children.”

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Registration Now Open for this FREE Live Teleseminar: "4 Keys to Creating Confidence, Persistence, and Passion in Your Child"

How often do you hear your child say “I’m so stupid!” when she gets something wrong? How often does your child resist trying new things or even flat out refuse out of fear that he’ll fail (even though deep down he really wants to do it)? How often does your child’s fear of making mistake

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3 Tips for Helping Your Daughter Navigate the “Mean Girls” Mentality with Ease

By Jill Hope There are few things more painful to a parent than seeing your beautiful daughter struggle to fit in with other girls.  You can feel helpless as you see her watching from the sidelines while other girls are smiling, laughing, and talking together. The scary thing is that when your da

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