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Build Inner Confidence and Social/Emotional Wellness in Kids!

Do you know in your heart that your child is happiest when they have the courage and confidence to be their true self?

Do you wish they would follow their own, inner voice rather than listening to others?

Do you want your child to thrive in life, rather than merely survive or just get by?

Then you’re in the right place.

I Shine provides online learning programs, live group webinars, 1-on-1 and group coaching, and certification programs to guide you in supporting kids to build inner confidence, self-acceptance, and the courage to be their true, authentic selves so they can reach their highest potential.

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Moving Out of Fear and into Peace and Possibility – My Thoughts on Covid-19

With all that’s been happening in our world, it is likely you’re experiencing feelings such as fear, uncertainty, panic, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, sadness, grief, or more. Maybe you're trying to figure out how to balance working from home with managing the kids....

The College Admissions Scandal: When the “At All Costs” Mentality Hurts Your Kid.

I’ve said on many occasions how there's nothing I wouldn't do for my son. I'm sure if I asked you you'd say the same about your kids. And while that may be a noble, heart-felt position many of us parents hold, knowing where to draw the line between “doing anything”...

My Love-Hate Relationship with High School

I’m in a love-hate relationship with the independence that comes with high school. My baby just started his Freshman year. I love that in 2 days he’s seemingly mastered the art of making his own lunches, is already a wiz at getting around Chicago on public...

What the Passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer Taught Me about Living

By Jill Hope I’ve never cried over the death of a public persona before – someone I didn’t know personally, but only through his work, his art. But that’s exactly what happened when I heard the passing of someone who was very influential in my life – Dr. Wayne Dyer....

6 things your kids secretly want you to know

By nature, we all want to do our best. And when we become parents, that desire to our best, especially to do right by our kids multiplies. Now it’s not just you; there is another precious human being relying on you for their every need. Talk about pressure! But what I...

Registration Now Open for this FREE Live Teleseminar: “4 Keys to Creating Confidence, Persistence, and Passion in Your Child”

How often do you hear your child say “I’m so stupid!” when she gets something wrong? How often does your child resist trying new things or even flat out refuse out of fear that he’ll fail (even though deep down he really wants to do it)? How often does your child’s...

This gives a new meaning to “The hills are alive…”

By Jill Hope Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been sharing some of the deep messages I received while on a recent family trip to the Rocky Mountains. The first 2 lessons I shared came from my young mountain guides who facilitated some of our activities. Today, I’d like to...

What the 20-year old hippie rafting guide taught me about life (Hint: it has to do with boulders)

By Jill Hope   (Note: This is Part 2 in  series of posts about the lessons I learned from some 20-something mountain men about life). In my post last week, I talked about my incredible family trip to Colorado this summer  – a trip that became a spiritual journey...

3 life lessons I learned from some 20-year old mountain guys – Part 1

Happy Labor Day to my friends in the US! I hope you are enjoying a day of rest and relaxation. I just returned last week from an incredible family trip to Colorado. It was an opportunity to give a final nod to the laid back days of summer and some quality family time...

Are you too busy to be happy?

I recently asked a group of busy moms what their biggest challenge was with regard to doing the things they enjoy in life. Nearly unanimously, time was cited as the biggest hindrance. Yes, the age-old “I’m too busy to do what makes ME happy”.  I call this the “Myth of...

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I have started a new job… just one of the many new changes happening in my life. It all started by working your Powerful Girl Within program. My daughter is having a much better year at school. Though she still has some anxiety, her confidence with peers has improved dramatically.
My daughter and I also joined girls on the run after listening to your recording. It has been amazing. I never knew my body could run a 5k ever! Saturday is our big run and it will be a celebration of so many posit…

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Jill Hope is a writer, empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, and founder of I Shine® ( Jill is passionate about supporting parents to build inner confidence in their kids, while supporting busy moms to discover their life purpose and live lives of greater joy, fulfillment, passion, and purpose. She knows that when you are connected to your true, authentic self, you give your kids permission to connect to and express theirs. As the founder of I Shine®, Jill has designed several unique and innovative programs that all share the message about the power we have to create lives of abundance, shine our inner light, and live according to our unique purpose. In addition, Jill certifies and licenses facilitators to teach her proven I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum, a social/emotional wellness program for kids aged 9-12 and her Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls, a program that cultivates confidence, self-acceptance, and positive peer relationships in girls aged 11-14.