Attention: Current or Aspiring Life Coaches, Moms on a Mission, Retired Teachers or School Professionals, and Anyone Who Loves Kids

Do you want to empower kids to feel confident
and comfortable in who they are?

You CAN make a difference AND make money
as a Certified Facilitator of our
Social/Emotional Empowerment curriculum.

Right now, kids in modern society are struggling like never before. They may have the latest sneakers and cell phones, but underneath it all, so many are unhappy and anxious.

There is an unbelievable amount of pressure on them to achieve. Pressure to do more, be more, get into the best schools, get the best grades, have the best experiences that will look good on the college applications, and on and on.

But this “achievement pressure” isn’t all kids have to deal with.

There’s also social pressure…the pressure to fit in, to be like everyone else, to do what others do, to follow the well-worn path. And untold cruelty, misery and punishment from peers and “the system” await them if they step out of line or dare to be a little different….If they dare to simply be themselves!

No wonder our kids are feeling more and more stressed, being bullied (or bullying), or turning to drugs! They are living in fear, and losing their connection to themselves.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way...And You Can Help.

Can you imagine a world where every child knew and appreciated their uniqueness, and had the confidence to express it?

What if kids could feel comfortable embracing others who seem different from them?

What if they were empowered to take control in a positive way when they experienced a challenge?

What would be possible for their future -- and ours -- if kids could experience this level of empowerment today?

Hi, I'm Jill Hope, and I decided to do something to end the epidemic of kids growing up with poor confidence and self-worth.

As a mom, parent educator, and an international parenting coach, I've long been troubled by how many kids I see struggling.

You see, I've always had a soft spot for kids. I always felt they were underestimated. As a teenager I was the favorite babysitter of my neighborhood. And I really believe it was because the kids felt that I understood them, accepted them as unique individuals, and always saw the best in them.

I also intuitively knew that kids have a natural connection with their heart and soul in a way that most adults don't. That is, until it is conditioned out of them through traditional schooling and parenting.

Then I learned from firsthand experience what happens when a child suffers with poor confidence and self-esteem...and the transformation in their life when they embrace their true inner power and fully accept who they are.

In my son's early days he was clingy, whiney, and in general, did not seem comfortable with who he was. My heart broke for him. And I worried about the possibility of his falling victim to bullying...or simply isolation and chronic loneliness as he failed to connect with himself and other kids.

I searched for a program I could enroll him in to help him develop the confidence to follow the beat of his own drum, listen to the inner nudges to follow his heart, develop inner confidence and resilience, and learn to accept himself fully, just as he was.

And I just couldn't find any such program.

Fortunately for my son, I knew about these inner qualities and how to nurture them, so I started incorporating these lessons into my parenting.

And in a very short span of time, I saw how my son shifted from lacking the confidence to try new things or make new friends, to embracing his feelings, confidently taking healthy risks, becoming a leader amongst his friends, all as he developed a strong sense of self and learned about his true inner power.

He blossomed. Instead of worrying about him, I knew that both his childhood and his future would be brighter and full of promise, even when I couldn't be there to support him. Now he could do it for himself!

And I wondered: what if the work I'd developed to help my son could be delivered to more kids?

Face it: We've Been Letting Kids Down... And It Has to STOP!

Society and its institutions train kids in the skills to manage their outer world: go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job.

But we've completely abandoned them when it comes to the skills to manage their inner world:Their thoughts, emotions, sense of self, inner strength, confidence, feelings of empowerment -- the things that truly make all the difference in their happiness and ultimate success.

While it would be wonderful if more schools could put a higher priority on this type of social and emotional guidance in the classroom, for many schools, the current environment of academic achievement just doesn't allow it.

And while some might argue that this is the parents' job, frankly, many parents just aren't equipped to foster strong self-acceptance, deep inner confidence, and emotional intelligence in their kids. (They're struggling too -- just to make ends meet and get through another day.)

Parents and schools need our help
if we want happy, confident kids!

Fortunately, there is another proven model that can give kids the guidance they need - guidance to help them develop a strong sense of self, create deep self-acceptance, greater confidence, build emotional intelligence and resilience so they can SHINE.

And the best news is, any caring adult can learn to deliver this guidance and support that fills the gap and gives kids what they need to reach their full potential, and live a happy, fulfilling, purposeful life!


I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum
Certified Facilitator Program

The I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certified Facilitator Program is a comprehensive training and Certification Program that will prepare you to facilitate our I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, a flexible 9 module, 33 lesson integrated character and self-esteem building program that focuses on the emotional and social development and empowerment in children ages 9-12.

The I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum helps kids:

  • Take responsibility for their feelings
  • Feel empowered to take action in challenging situations
  • Have greater self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Recognize their unique and special gifts and have the confidence to share them
  • Make a positive impact on others both in and out of the classroom
  • Feel increased self-acceptance as well as greater acceptance of the differences in others
  • Solve peer issues independently and in a constructive way
  • Develop critical life skills that most kids aren’t learning anywhere else!

...and much more

"My child has a more positive outlook on different situations.""

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"She holds herself accountable for her actions."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"My child thinks about why they are feeling bad about something, and then thinks about how to rectify it."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"He's better at expressing his feelings."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

By choosing to become a Certified Facilitator of the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals and foundation of the curriculum so that you feel confident in facilitating students to greater self-acceptance, increased confidence, social/emotional intelligence, and deeper feelings of empowerment.

  • Have access to coaching and Q&A sessions to support you

  • Receive the Full Curriculum, including a Teaching Manual, all Worksheets, Module Outlines and instructions, Parent and Student Surveys, Parent Letters, Discussion outlines, and more... everything you need to successfully facilitate the program and have an immediate and ongoing positive impact!

  • Become a Member of our Facilitator community and gain access to your Member's page, a one-stop shop for easy access to all of your Program Materials, and a place to connect with your fellow ISHINE Facilitator colleagues!

  • Gain credibility by using our logo and I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certified Facilitator designation to create a professional look for your website, business cards, flyers, etc.

  • Become licensed as a Certified Facilitator for one year (Note: you will have the option to renew your license annually at a nominal cost of $197

Here is how the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum
Certified Facilitator Program Works

The I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certified Facilitator Training is a training program delivered over six 90-minute training sessions via the phone and web followed, by a Certification Exam. The training is offered in a systematic way to give you the fundamentals, foundation, and overview of the curriculum so that you feel confident in facilitating students to greater self-acceptance, increased confidence, social/emotional intelligence, and deeper feelings of empowerment. It will also provide with the basics of setting up the program, tracking it, communicating with stakeholders, and creating a revenue stream. At the conclusion of the training program there will be a Certification Exam. A passing grade in the exam is required to receive your Certified Facilitator designation and one year license.

The six training sessions will cover:

  • Fundamental theory/philosophy upon which the curriculum is built
  • Overview of each module, including key objectives, activities, and flow of the lessons
  • Preparation, tracking, and stakeholder communication, including parent and student surveys, consent forms, and parent connection letters
  • Business building basics, program design possibilities, and how to approach revenue creation using the curriculum

Should you miss a training call, don't worry! All calls will be recorded and accessible on your private class VIP web page within 48 hours after the call. And because the program is conducted online, it is accessible from anywhere in the world!

Certification Program Bonuses

BONUS #1: Private Members Recording Library

All of our group calls will be recorded and provided to you in MP3 format for you to refer back to at your leisure. PLUS, all recordings and other resources will be provided on your Private Members Recording Library for your convenience. While you are not required to be present for the live trainings, you are required to listen to all trainings as they will contribute to your success in passing the Certification Exam.

BONUS #2: Live Group Q&A ($400 value)

Immediately after each training call, stay on the line as I'll be taking your questions and providing laser coaching to address any questions or challenges you are struggling with.

BONUS #3: Private Members Facebook Community

You're never alone in this program. Access to other members will be provided in your Private Facebook Community. Share ideas, success stories and best practices,receive and give support, and network with other members. And you remain a member of the community as long as you are a certified facilitator in good standing!

Listen to what Facilitator Martha McClelland has to say about being a Licensed Facilitator of the Inner Wellness Curriculum

Design a Meaningful Career and Business that Suits
YOUR Lifestyle and Schedule!

The curriculum is structured to provide maximum flexibility to our Facilitators so that it works the way YOU want to work. Here is a list of just some of the ways you could offer this program:

  • As a one-off workshop or series of workshops choosing from one or a combination of any of the 33 lessons
  • As a one-day workshop
  • As an after-school program
  • As a lunch-time program with small groups during the school day
  • Incorporated into a program at a yoga studio
  • In a summer day camp format
  • As a break out workshop at a seminar and fair
  • ... it can even be worked it into the regular school curriculum, as many of the lessons cover areas such as writing, history, drama, art, health and more.

The ways in which you can offer this program are only limited by your imagination!

"We have fewer referrals to the office...have noticed students willing to use a variety of self-soothing strategies, and overall improvement in emotional intelligence."

"Before we introduced the curriculum we saw students struggling to resolve conflicts independently or appropriately, friendships that were not positive (did not bring out the best in each person) and we did not have a dedicated time or place to work on emotional intelligence. Since implementing the curriculum we gained a common language to use with the students to discuss how to manage emotions, and we have observed more students choosing to be better/more positive friends. We have fewer referrals to the office for a particular group of students. We also have noticed students being willing to talk with the board social worker, students willing to use a variety of self-soothing strategies, and overall improvement in emotional intelligence."

~ Agnew H. Johnston School, Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada

"I feel so fortunate to have listened to my 'yes' and taken this opportunity to work with you."

I just couldn't contain myself from writing to you and sharing my excitement about the curriculum. It's brilliant! So well thought out, superb activities, the surveys, etc... your program rocks, Jill. I feel so fortunate to have listened to my 'yes' and taken this opportunity to work with you."

~ Gauri Maini Hira, I Shine Facilitator, Bangalore, India

"I recommend the I Shine program without reservation."

"In the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, Jill Hope has created a resilience based educational curriculum to facilitate character building, self-esteem and self-regulation in children. This holistic program provides resources for parents as well. The nine modules are well organized in providing guidance, strategies, lesson plans and more for educators and facilitators. I will recommend the I Shine program without reservation.""

~ Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
Co-Editor of the Handbook of Resilience in Children, 2nd Edition

Overview of the I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum

Wondering what the I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum covers? Here is an overview of the 9 modules:

Module 1: Achieving Your Goals and Dreams
In Module 1, students learn the steps necessary to set and achieve goals, along with the awareness that anything is possible, and that every child has the power to create what they want to experience in their lives. They also learn the gift in failure and how to overcome the fear of failure.

Module 2: Accepting Others and Yourself In
Module 2, students learn that despite our differences, we are all more the same than we are different. Through this module, they learn to embrace these differences and understand that no one is any more or any less than anyone else.

Module 3: Showing Kindness and Respect
In Module 3, students will develop a sense of empathy and understanding that will help them to treat others and themselves with kindness and respect.

Module 4: Caring for Your Corner of the Planet
In Module 4, students learn how they are connected to and supported by the earth, how by observing nature they can learn about the world and about themselves, and how their actions can influence life on the planet and in their personal environments.

Module 5: Giving of Yourself and Your Unique Gifts
In Module 5, students learn that everyone has something to give, and each person's contribution is completely unique to them. They also discover their own unique gifts and learn that giving to others not only helps the recipient to feel good; it also helps the giver to feel good.

Module 6: Managing Your Thoughts and Emotions
In Module 6, students learn that they have a powerful internal guidance system (their feelings) that will help them navigate through any situation. They also begin to understand that their thoughts are their creative power.

Module 7: Taking Responsibility For All That You Do
In Module 7, students learn how empowering it is to take responsibility for their lives, and how when you take responsibility, you are no longer a victim of your circumstances, but rather, you create them.

Module 8: Living in a State of Gratitude
In Module 8, students learn about the power of gratitude, and how they can cultivate an attitude of gratitude within themselves.

Module 9: Forgiveness and the Power of Letting Go
In Module 9, students learn what forgiveness is, why it's so important to forgive, how to forgive, and about the power they gain by letting go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Want to Become a Facilitator?

Becoming a facilitator allows you to teach a program that has been proven to increase confidence, reduce bullying behavior, and increase resilience in kids while giving you credibility, positioning you as an expert, and offering you solid income potential. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when this program contains a complete solution to help make a difference AND make money.

Do I Need to Be an Educator or Have an Advanced Degree to Become a Facilitator?

No! Any caring adult can successfully administer this program. While many teachers and education professionals love and endorse the I SHINE Inner Wellness Curriculum, and have used it with great success in schools and outside of them, no previous experience or training is necessary.

How Do I Make Money as a Facilitator?

Options for bringing in revenue with the curriculum include charging participants per workshop, charging for a series of workshops, or charging a school, yoga studio, or after-school program for an hour of your time for each workshop you teach. We cover more about business-building ideas in the training calls and in the private Facebook group (you'll get lots of inspiration from your fellow facilitators too!) but here's just one way it could look:

Let's say you decide to run a series of 8 weekly workshops with the curriculum content. If you charge $18 per student per workshop, or $144 for the entire 8 week series, and you enroll just 15 students, you will bring in revenue of $2160 and more than make back your investment. Then you're making pure profit with your very next workshop!

What if I Don't Have the Money to Invest Now?

I know money is a scary thing for some people. I've been in some pretty scary financial situations myself where I didn't know how I would pay my next month's bills. But there is a huge difference between buying unnecessary items and investing in yourself and your ability to make a powerful impact in this world. When you invest in yourself and gain access to tools and information that can change not only your life but the life of many others, you will never be the same person you were before the investment. And the beauty of this program is that your investment can be recouped after you offer just one workshop! After that you're generating pure profit while making a difference. I can't think of many other purchases that would offer as good an investment.

I'm Not Sure This is the Right Time...Are You Doing This Again?

Let's face it, the best time to act is when you're feeling the inspiration. Our minds are set up to keep us safe and talk us out of things…even good, positive things that would make our lives better! This world isn't going to wait and there are kids out there right now who will only be reached through YOU. Remember, you can facilitate the curriculum on your own schedule -- many start "on the side" while they are still in other careers.

Now, I will offer this program again, but I don't know when and it's currently not scheduled. It will likely never be as affordable as it is today. Why put off something that you're inspired to do NOW?

"My daughter is much better at communicating in a positive way when she feels bullied or wronged by a friend."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"He was able to communicate his behavior / mood change in a more articulate way."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"She says she learned she has a choice about being happy or sad."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"My child's self-esteem, confidence, and acceptance of shortcomings all improved this year."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

Want to Know What the Kids Think?

Listen in as students tell you in their own words some of the learnings they experienced through their participation in the I Shine Inner Wellness curriculum:

"This is definitely a must-watch video if you are considering
becoming a facilitator!"

"I would definitively recommend her program as well as her coaching"

"I found Ms. Hope to be articulate, insightful, and could see her being a strong positive force in anyone's life. Clearly, she is passionate about her work and has accumulated a tremendous depth of wisdom over the years. I would definitively recommend her program as well as her coaching!"

~ Cherilynn Veland, LCSW, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Can't wait to share it with others"

"As a retired School Counselor and Educator for 31 years, Jill's Inner Wellness Curriculum is the program I wish I had been able to use in my school to empower kids and be a part of the bully-proofing program. I love how Jill has developed a comprehensive program to help kids' shift from the 'inside-out'. The curriculum includes powerful lessons in 9 Modules that include deep breathing/visualizing and a meditation as part of each lesson. The surveys, family communication, and effective lesson plans are easy to follow and powerful! Being trained as a facilitator for this empowering curriculum allows one to lead groups within your community in schools, clubs, camps, places of worship, or in workshops to spread teaching kids how to take care of their emotions and themselves from within, so as to be responsible, respectful, and empowered citizens. I am grateful to Jill Hope for her creation of this unique and wellness driven curriculum and can't wait to share it with others."

~ Beth Myers

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity - the program was so professional, so organized and provided everything I need to get started empowering kids - so excited!"

~Denise Festa

Enroll Now in the

I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum
Certification Program

Yes Jill! I'm ready to enroll in the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certification Program so I can make a difference and make money empowering kids to have the courage and confidence to accept themselves and others, share their gifts, and have the emotional intelligence to create happiness and success on their terms.

No Risk Reservation Form

Here is what I will get when I enroll in your

I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certification Program

  • Access to the full 6-session live Certification Training via webinar. While it is recommended that I attend the training live, this is not a requirement. It is my responsibility however to listen to each training prior to taking my Certification Exam.

  • Access to the Certification Exam, which when passed, will allow me to become a Licensed Facilitator of the curriculum for one year from the exam passing date

  • Access to the Licensed Facilitator Library, where you will have easy access to all of the information you need to facilitate the program, including curriculum materials, worksheets, surveys, parent information and more.

  • BONUS Private Members Recording Library. Access to all recordings of the live teaching calls in downloadable mp3 format on my private VIP class web page.

  • BONUS Live Group Q&A Sessions. Immediately after each training call stay on the line where I can get all of my questions answered.

  • BONUS Private Members Facebook Community. Access to other members will be provided in our Private Facebook Community where I can share ideas, receive and give support, and network with other members.

Your investment = $3995
Early Bird Enrollment only $2997

Or Pay in 5 equal installments of $695

You have what it takes to empower the next generation!

If it pains you to see kids:

  • Dimming their light
  • Changing who they are in order to fit in with others
  • Bullying or excluding kids who are different
  • Crumbling under the weight of pressure to achieve
  • Experiencing anxiety on a daily basis
  • Seeing himself as a victim

...and instead you would love to help kids:

  • Fully love and accept themselves for who they are
  • See the goodness in others and reach out to those who seem different
  • Have the emotional intelligence and confidence to speak up for themselves and solve their own challenges
  • Understand and articulate their emotions in a way that is helpful
  • View their life from a positive lens
  • Take accountability for their actions

...then you are an ideal candidate to become a Facilitator of the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum through our Certification Program.

I can't wait for you to gain access to a powerful, proven curriculum that will enable you to facilitate kids to have more self-confidence, less reliance on what others think, greater emotional intelligence, the ability to self-regulate, increased self-acceptance, and the freedom to courageously be all they are meant to be!

Jill Hope 
Founder, I Shine and creator of the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum

P.S. Not only will the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Certification Program provide you with an integrated curriculum you can use to make a huge difference in the lives of kids, but you will also be deeply rewarded both financially as well as emotionally and spiritually with a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. There are not many things in life that can offer such a rich combination of benefits.

Your investment = $3995
Early Bird Enrollment only $2997

Or Pay in 5 equal installments of $695

P.P.S. This program is one of the most rewarding programs I have ever offered! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via the contact box below or by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Jill Hope/ I Shine

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