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Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls

Welcome to the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls!

A unique and innovative program designed for tween and teen girls to boost inner confidence, increase resilience, and strengthen peer relationships.

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls is an engaging and fun personal development program for girls ages 11-14. The 4 module curriculum encompasses nine 90-minute comprehensive lessons that all work together to build a strong foundation of inner confidence, resilience, positive mindset, self-acceptance, healthy peer relationships, and empowerment in girls.

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum helps girls:

  • Understand their most important “Super Powers” and learn how to use them in a healthy way
  • Increase confidence and love themselves more
  • Create better relationships with friends, parents, and siblings
  • Develop resilience and the ability to persevere when things are tough, no matter what
  • Discover simple steps to feel good every day!
  • Have greater self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Feel increased self-acceptance as well as greater acceptance of the differences in others
  • Solve peer issues independently and in a constructive way

…and much more!

Each lesson includes collaborative talk, interactive fun activities, a mindfulness exercise, self-reflection, and more. Empowered girls change the world, and this curriculum gives our girls the tools they need to make healthy and confident choices as they navigate the tween and teen years

“It helps you find the best in you and others and that’s important”
~12 year old Powerful Girl Within® Workshop Participant

Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Discovering Your Powerful Self

In Module 1, girls have the opportunity to reflect on who they really are, discard any beliefs about themselves that don’t feel are aligned with who they are, embrace their true and powerful self, and know that no one can decide who they are but themselves.

Through this module, girls will understand and embrace their true self-identity perhaps like they never have before.

Module 2: Letting Go of What Weighs You Down

In Module 2, girls learn what it really means to let go, why it’s so important to let go, and how to truly release that which no longer serves them. When girls let go of past hurts, guilt, and regrets they can more fully embrace their Powerful Self.

Through this module, girls will see the importance of letting go in a new light, and will have an opportunity to empower themselves by practicing strategies to let go.

Module 3: Activating Your Powerful Girl Super Powers: Your Thoughts and Feelings

In Module 3, girls discover their most powerful faculties, or as we call them, their Powerful Girl Super Powers. Then they explore two of their super powers, which are their Thoughts and Feelings.

Girls become aware of how powerful their thoughts and emotions are, how they are using their thoughts and emotions, and how to manage their thoughts and emotions to create the success that they want.

Module 4: Your Super Power of Desire: Creating What You Want in Your Life

In Module 4, girls explore another of their super powers, the power of their Desire. They will develop a vision of what they want to create in their lives using the power of their imagination, and experience fun and engaging activities to help them move toward their vision and dreams.

They also learn about the role of opportunities and action in making their vision and dreams a reality, as well as how to overcome challenges using the power of their desire and imagination.

“This totally boosted my confidence”
~12 year old Powerful Girl Within® Workshop Participant

Find or Create a Powerful Girl Within® Program in Your Area

If you are interested in enrolling your daughter or a group of girls in a Powerful Girl Within® Program in your area or would like more information, please contact one of our Certified Facilitators here.

If you need assistance in locating a facilitator to teach a course in your area, or you are interested in becoming a facilitator yourself, please contact us at or call our office at 773-540-7857.

“This workshop was so uplifting and I think that it would help a lot of girls”
~12 year old Powerful Girl Within® Workshop Participant

Be a Part of the Movement to Empower Girls through Sponsorship

Not every girl who needs and wants to develop these skills has access. By sponsoring a girl who could use support, you are helping bring this program to many more girls who can benefit from increased confidence, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment skills.

If you are interested in sponsoring a girl or group of girls to participate in a Powerful Girl Within ® workshop, or you’d like to sponsor a series of Powerful Girl Within® classes or workshops, please contact us at or call our office at 773-540-7857 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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Jill was telling me about a situation her son had faced and how he handled it. A school mate of his got up and moved away from him in the lunch room when her son sat down. It hurt his feelings, and he was sad when he came home from school. When Jill asked him how he thought he should handle it, he said “I am going to tell him tomorrow that he hurt my feelings by moving away from me.”
Jill is so good at teaching children. She asked him what to do and empowered him to make the good choice and t…
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