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From: Jill Hope
Chicago, IL USA
Thursday, 10:14 p.m.

Dear Parent,

I was such a shy child growing up. I was afraid to speak up; afraid to express my opinion. I didn’t think anyone would stop and listen to what I had to say or even care what I thought.

I’ll never forget my first potential “run-in” with the neighborhood bully. Everyone in the neighborhood feared “Joe”. You didn’t dare ride your bike down Joe’s street. You didn’t dare get in his way.

One day I was riding my bike to school. As I was going along, I heard a commotion behind me. It was Joe and his pack of “followers”. They approached me on their bikes, and Joe and another boy rode really close to me in an act of intimidation – so close that I lost control of my bike and fell to the ground. I was a bit shaken up. I had never been bothered by a bully before.

What happened next was so shocking

Instead of the typical bully behavior of laughing and riding off, Joe looked really concerned. He stopped riding, turned around, rode back to me and asked me if I was okay. I could tell he really cared about my welfare at that moment.

“I am fine," I told him. He apologized, helped me up, and off we rode to school. He and his followers never again attempted to “bully” me.

I felt so strong and safe. There was a power and inner confidence so present in me, that it prompted a known neighborhood bully to apologize to ME!

Where did this inner sense of strength and security come from?  

Fortunately, I had adults in my life that knew the value of fostering a sense of inner strength within me using universal principles. I was taught about the existence of a power and wisdom that I could tap into it at will. By the time I was 8, I knew of the power I had over my life. If there was ever any doubt, this incident convinced me of my inner strength.

Would you believe I grew up feeling that I was “bully-proof," even though I was shy and was probably the perfect target?

Years later, I was faced with another bully: Infertility. My husband and I so wanted a child; in fact I had dreamed all my life of having a large family; 6 kids sounded like a nice number to me! When I struggled to have a child, I tried everything. I felt like my world was caving in around me. That was, until I was reminded of something – I had forgotten about my powerful connection to my inner source of strength, peace, and wisdom.

Do you know what reminded me? I happened to watch the movie, “The Secret." I recognized the principles taught in the movie, but had forgotten to apply them to my life to change my circumstances!

I realized that I had always possessed what I needed, but I was searching for a solution outside of myself. I forgot that every answer to every problem can be found from within. Once I remembered this and the incredible power we all possess, I made a choice to stand in my power and face this bully head on. My ability to once again garner my inner strength and face my bullies convinced me that I had to teach this to my son. I had to instill in him the same strength instilled in me that allowed me to feel “bully-proof." I wanted to give him the ability to stand in the face of the “bullies” that life can throw at us.

Ian and I on his first
day of school!
Jill and Ian



Jeni Ihm

Jeni Ihm
Mother of One

“I had the privilege of being a part of the I Shine Child Self-Esteem Bully Proof program. My daughter, at the time, was only 14 months. I was not sure how helpful it would be at such a young age, but I discovered that I was able to start with a healthy foundation for her right from the start. Using Jill's suggestions to encourage my daughter with what she was doing well, with clear language, such as, "You followed directions", instead of my typical response, "Good girl", helps my daughter build her self-esteem with her own actions. I too was reminded that it is important for myself to stay positive with the outcome I want for my daughter. Being more aware that it takes both parent and child to help with this healthy outcome made me feel like I can do more that just trying to be a good example as my daughter continues to learn and grow.”


But I couldn’t stop with my son. I felt a strong calling to take this lesson more broadly. Let me tell you why.

Whenever I hear an adult unknowingly say something to a child that I know can negatively affect their self-esteem, it breaks my heart! I know that adult could so easily tweak his words and have the opposite outcome!

Often when I work in the lunch room at my son’s school, I will see a child or two sitting all by themselves while other children are sitting in groups happily eating and talking and laughing. Every time I observe this, I literally have to push back the tears.

I know in my heart that it doesn’t have to be like this for them!

If only I could tell their parents what I know to be true about sparking that inner source of strength in children, that strength that gives them resilience in the face of “bullies."

So, what are the “bullies” that your children face?

  • Does your child continually seek approval and acceptance from others? Does he doubt his abilities when you know he offers so much potential?

  • Does your child bend to peer pressure, rather than express her feelings and stand up for what she believes in?

  • How do you feel when you see so much promise in your child, yet she lacks the inner motivation to succeed?

  • Aren’t you tired of feeling that something that you’ve said or done, or not said or done has damaged the self-esteem of your child? Wouldn’t you like to know your role in the development of your child’s self image so that you could do something about it?

Parents, it doesn’t have to be like this! You can help your child overcome these issues, just like I overcame Joe, the neighborhood bully as a child and infertility as an adult. Together, we can make a difference for our children!


Because every child and parent should
feel bully-proof!



Tsidi Bishop
Mother of Two
South Africa

“Since using Jill's Bully-Proof Self-Esteem system, all has been going so well. My daughter seems a lot more cheerful, lighter and less worried about making friends ever since we've started affirmations. She says hers with delight and confidence. In one of my visualization exercises I imagine my children being surrounded by other children who are very interested in them and what they have to say. I affirm this with words. Well, a week ago I went to my daughter's gymnastics school to pick her up, but I was earlier than usual. I found her in the middle of a crowd paging through a photo album which didn't belong to her. The crowd around her were listening very attentively. She had made friends...she was very happy. My child was never like that! She has always kept her distance from other kids, so self conscious. But what I saw brought a smile to my face; the picture was just so perfect. Not only do I believe my children are fine now, but I know they are going to be for the rest of their lives because we have the basic tools. The Bully Proof Self-Esteem program has indeed being very beneficial to me and my children. Thanks Jill.”


Would you like to learn a spiritual way to “bully-proof” your child by fostering a sense of inner strength and security that they could always rely on when things become challenging?

I’ve discovered an important key to unlocking your child’s potential and I want to teach you how to use it.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing a simple and effortless strategy – the exact strategy that I’ve applied with my son, and that you too can easily implement with your children. I am finally ready to share this lesson with YOU so that you can teach YOUR children the powerful truth about their inner source of strength!



I'm excited to introduce this strategy to you 
in my "Child Self-Esteem
'Bully Proof' Home Study Program "

The "Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof' Home Study Program " is a unique, one-of-a-kind, unprecedented 4-part home study program that will take you step-by-step through the strategy I utilize with my son and that you too can implement with your children.


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Gina Ratliffe
Success Coach & Speaker
The Esther Experience

“Jill is such a special women and mother! I am so impressed by Jill's unique stand to not just WANT our children to feel great about themselves and make excellent decisions, but to be one of the RARE individuals who actually DOES something about it. Jill is making our world a better place by bringing spiritual lessons for kids into the mainstream. Under Jill's leading, parents will be offering their children the life skills we all desire."



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It's just a matter of knowing what to do; knowing how to bring about this inner knowing in your children. In the "Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof' Home Study Program " I will teach you what I have learned and developed into a effortless strategy that I am using with my son. I'm just blown away by the results I am seeing and I want you to feel this way too!

So, here is what you get when you enroll in my  "Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof' 4-part Home Study Program."

  • Instant access to each recorded session in downloadable mp3 format.

  • Reference sheets from each session that will help you to reinforce the key principles.

  • Handouts detailing the exercises to make the whole process really easy and straightforward.

  • Online access to class library containing all documents, recordings, and bonuses in an easy-to-access, organized format.

Session One:
Understanding Your Mindset and Core Beliefs

In Session One, we’ll examine the mindset you need in order to bring about positive change in your child’s self-esteem. You will learn:

  • The connection between your thoughts and the self-esteem of your child.

  • Your role as parents in cultivating self-esteem in your kids.

  • The basics of some key universal principles and how we use them to bring about a healthy level of self-esteem in our children.

  • Why self-esteem is not tied to performance.

  • How our core beliefs can impact the circumstances of our lives and that of our children.

  • Whether your desires for your children are in alignment with your beliefs.

  • What specific core beliefs you hold that may be hindering your children.

  • A technique to eliminate any negative core beliefs you have.

  • How to create new beliefs that support the development of healthy self-esteem in your kids.


Session Two: The Power of Words

In Session Two, we cover the power of language in the development of self-esteem and responsibility. You will learn:

  • How language helps develop responsibility in our children.

  • How praise influences our children, and which type of praise can actually damage self-esteem.

  • The type of praise to use if you want to eliminate your child’s need to look for approval from external sources. 

  • The role of effort in building confidence and self-worth. 

  • How to speak (and think) in a way that brings about the changes you wish to see.

  • Six language patterns that limit us and keep us from achieving our dreams, and how you can change these patterns.

  • How the words our kids choose to use can have a negative affect on their self-esteem.

  • How to undo low self-esteem by making a simple shift in your everyday speech.

  • Three games you can play at home to encourage positive self-talk in your kids.

  • Why self-deprecating humor can be so damaging to self-esteem.

            ...and more

Session Three: Visualization and the Power to Create Your Ideal

In Session Three you’ll figure out precisely what results you want for your kids, and then discover a number of tools you can use to bring these desired results into you and your child’s reality. You will learn:

  • A powerful tool to help you determine precisely what it is you desire.

  • The critical role of goal-setting in helping you manifest real change, and a simple process to do this.

  • A simple process you can follow to help you effortlessly achieve your desired results.

  • How to write affirmations for yourself and your kids that bring about dramatic improvements in confidence and esteem.

  • A series of strategies that will empower your kids in a way that is really fun for them. 

  • How the power of your imagination can change your circumstances, almost like magic.

  • A straightforward daily routine that puts into practice all you have learned thus far.

Session Four: Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

In Session Four, we’ll examine the power and role of gratitude in manifesting a healthy level of self-esteem. You will learn:

  • The benefits of a gratitude mindset.

  • What gratitude has to do with self-esteem.

  • How to incorporate gratitude into your lives, and how use it as a tool when things get tough.

  • Five techniques you can implement immediately to cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in your home.

  • Why keeping a gratitude journal can actually improve your child’s sleep.

  • An easy way to stay focused on seeing the good in your child, even when they are at their worst.

  • A tool your child can use to increase her sense of well-being and satisfaction, almost immediately. 

  • A simple technique you child can use to enhance his sense of worthiness and self-confidence.

  • What forgiveness really is, and why it plays such an important role in building confidence and empowering children.

  • A powerful technique to help your child move on from a past disappointment, paving the way to creating goodness in their life." 

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Don't you think...

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are taking action to improve your child's life (and your own)

  • The peace of mind that your child will grow up with a strategy they can use to successfully deal with life's difficulties

  • Seeing the sparkle in your child's eye because they feel "bully-proof" in the face of challenges

.... is worth  $197 $97 at the very least?


I'm sure you'll agree that this is a small price to pay for solid principles, and transformational strategies you can use with your kids to help them manage any challenges that life throws at them. I'm sure you'll agree this is a small price to pay to show your child how to access their inner strength and face life from a confident, secure place.

BONUS #1: You’ll also receive a FREE copy of my “Moonlight Meditations” mp3 audio recording, valued at $19, yours FREE with your paid enrollment to my Child Self-Esteem ‘Bully-Proof’ Home Study Program."  This is a recording of two meditations I do with my son at bedtime that allow him to fall asleep peacefully, full of gratitude for his day and with joyful anticipation of the next day to come. He looks forward to these meditations every night!

BONUS #2: When you order now, you will also receive a FREE download (a $20 value!) of a very powerful call I held titled "Forgiveness and the Power in Letting Go." In this recording you will learn:

  • What forgiveness really is and why it is so important

  • The common misconceptions about forgiveness that prevent most people from every forgiving fully

  • Why forgiveness is effective, even when you never tell the person you're forgiving

  • Four tools that will help your child simply and easily forgive and let go

  • What your child will gain once she is able to let go of past hurts

  • Why you MUST also forget when you forgive, and how it will help your child be free of the "victim" mentality

  • ...and much more!

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My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee:

I’m so confident that if you employ all of the techniques I share with you, you’ll see improved confidence and self-esteem in your children.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, just ask me for a prompt refund within 30 days of your purchase and I will oblige.

No reason needed. No questions asked.

That’s my promise.



By enrolling in my “Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof' Home Study Program,” you’ll receive:

  • Instant access to each recorded session in downloadable mp3 format. 

  • A success journal template for recording your progress.

  • Reference sheets from each lesson that will help to reinforce the key principles.

  • Handouts detailing the exercises to make the whole process really easy and straightforward.

  • My FREE bonus copy of my“Moonlight Meditations” and "Forgiveness and the Power in Letting Go."mp3 audios.

  • Online access to class library containing all documents, recordings, and bonuses in an easy-to-access, organized format.

 Yes Jill, I'm Ready to Learn the Secret to 
Building Self-Esteem in Children

  • I understand that I’ll receive Instant access to each recorded session in downloadable mp3 format which I can download to my computer or mp3 player to listen to at my convenience.

  • I’ll also receive reference sheets, home practice worksheets, and success journal templates that will help me follow along and apply the strategies I learn in the  Child Self-Esteem ‘Bully-Proof’ Home Study Program."

  • As a BONUS, I'll also get your personal "Moonlight Meditations" and "Forgiveness and the Power in Letting Go"mp3 audios that can help me calm my children and foster in them a sense of gratitude and forgiveness (a $40 value). 

  • I know I'll have online access to class library containing all documents, recordings, bonuses, and session information in an easy-to-access, organized format.

  • I understand that I'm investing in the “Child Self-Esteem ‘Bully-Proof’ Home Study Program ” at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money back guarantee*, which I can request within 30 days of my purchase! 


I'm ready to register for the "Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof' Home Study Program
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I do hope you'll make the investment in yourself and your kids by taking advantage of the "Child Self-Esteem 'Bully-Proof Home Study Program."


Here's to more confident, "bully-proof" kids! 



Jill Hope

Founder, I Shine


P.S.:  Don't forget that this offer is completely NO RISK for you. If you aren't happy with the class for any reasons, you have my personal guarantee. Just ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and I will honor your request, no questions asked.


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