Help Your Child Learn
the Social/Emotional Skills to Thrive…
No Matter What Challenges They Face

We all want our kids to be confident, to have a solid sense of who they are, and to possess the courage to be who they came here to be.

But let’s face it…this is NOT the reality for many children.

Society and its institutions train kids in the skills to manage their outer world: go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job.

But our children need more. Now more than ever, they need skills to manage their inner world: Their thoughts, emotions, sense of self, inner strength, confidence, feelings of empowerment -- the things that truly make all the difference in their happiness and ultimate success.

And frankly, many parents struggled with the same issues as kids. How are you supposed to teach your kids something you didn’t learn…or had to learn the hard way?

Imagine what would be possible for your child if they had healthy inner confidence, strong social and emotional intelligence, and trusted in their own internal guidance.

What could they accomplish in their life?

How fulfilled would they feel?

And how would you feel knowing you helped them get there?

I have long thought about how we could bridge the gap between what schools and parents are equipped to teach kids and what skills kids actually need socially and emotionally to thrive in their life.

And I’ve created a way to address it.


I Shine® Inner Wellness For Kids
Online Program

The I Shine® Inner Wellness For Kids Online Program is an online 12 lesson integrated social/emotional wellness program that teaches kids aged 8-12 the skills they need to build healthy self-confidence, resilience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

The program is based on our tested, proven I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum, a complete 9 module, 33 lesson program.

How Does It Work?

12 pre-recorded online video lessons with activity worksheets are available on your Private Participant Class Page. Each video lesson is approximately 20-30 minutes in length and is taught by one of our I Shine® Certified Facilitators.

Video lessons follow this format:

  • Opening mindfulness or breathing exercise
  • Introduction of the key topic/idea of the lesson with examples and stories
  • Assignment and explanation of an at-home activity which helps kids to integrate the lesson in their day-to-day life

Notes for parents are provided for each lesson on your private Participant Class Page, along with all video lessons, activity worksheets, and handouts.

There is also a private, participant-only Facebook group where parents can commune with other parent participants, ask questions, and gain support from our Certified Facilitators.

Who Are the Facilitators For this Program?

All Program Facilitators have gone through our I Shine® Training, Certification, and Licensing program. They are loving, intelligent, and compassionate people who possess diverse work experiences and backgrounds and share a love of supporting kids and families to develop strong social/emotional skills. Facilitator bios and contact information are included on our private Participant Class Page.

"I recommend the I Shine program without reservation."

"In the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, Jill Hope has created a resilience based educational curriculum to facilitate character building, self-esteem and self-regulation in children. This holistic program provides resources for parents as well. The nine modules are well organized in providing guidance, strategies, lesson plans and more for educators and facilitators. I will recommend the I Shine program without reservation."

~ Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
Co-Editor of the Handbook of Resilience in Children, 2nd Edition

"He was able to communicate his behavior / mood change in a more articulate way."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

"She says she learned she has a choice about being happy or sad."

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

“My 8 year old daughter lit up when I asked her if she liked the program. She said she liked it a lot and learned how to be a better friend.”

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

“My child has a more positive outlook on different situations.”

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

“My child thinks about why they are feeling bad about something, and then thinks about how to rectify it.”

~ Parent of I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum Student

Wondering what the I Shine® Inner Wellness For Kids Online Program covers?

Here is a sampling of some of the core ideas taught:

  • Why goals are so important, and how to set and achieve your own goals and dreams
  • Why everyone has something special to give, and how to discover your own unique gifts
  • How to use your powerful internal guidance system to navigate through any challenging situation
  • The power of taking control of your thoughts and emotions, and a simple way to do this
  • How to make positive choices in your life
  • What it looks like to be empowered in your life vs being a victim
  • How to find the gift in any challenge
  • Easy ways to forgive and let go when your feelings are hurt
  • How to make gratitude a daily habit
  • Using positive self-talk to create a happy life

Want to Know What the Kids Think?

Listen in as past students tell you in their own words about their experience with the I Shine Inner Wellness curriculum:

Are you ready to give your child access to tools and ideas that will help them build their inner confidence, recognize their gifts, manage their emotions, and express themselves and their feelings in an powerful way?

Yes Jill I’m Ready!

Here is what I will get when I enroll in your

I Shine® Inner Wellness For Kids Online Program

  • Access to all 12 pre-recorded video lessons which are taught by our Certified Facilitators, and include a mindfulness or breathing exercise, a discussion of the key topic/idea of the lesson with examples and stories, and a description and instructions for the at-home activity so your child can integrate the day’s lesson

  • Parent Notes for each video lesson so you understand what your child is learning and how you can support the lessons

  • Access to a Private Participant Class Page, where you will have easy access to all of the video lessons, activity worksheets, handouts, and parent notes.

  • BONUS: Access to a Private, Participant-Only Facebook Group where parents can commune with other parent participants, ask questions, and gain support from our Certified Facilitators.

  • BONUS: One Price provides access for the entire family from the safety and comfort of your home! How much better can it get?

  • BONUS: Receive this Bonus Video Lesson "3 Tools to Quickly Calm Your Anxiety and Soothe Your Nervous Energy" (value $25)

  • BONUS: Receive Moonlight Meditations Audio (value $25)

Total Value of the Program: $470

Your Price Now = $197

I’m so excited to offer an online program based on our proven and popular I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum so that your child can have access to these powerful ideas and tools at home. Tools that will empower them with the courage and confidence to share their gifts, manage their emotions, and possess the social and emotional skills to navigate challenging situations with ease so they can thrive in their life and be their best self.


Jill Hope 
Founder, I Shine and creator of the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum

Jill Hope/ I Shine

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