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There is nothing like the summer sunshine to refresh your attitude and outlook.

It’s that time of year when nature allows more of her light shine down on us. Its uplifting, promising rebirth, the fresh, and the new.

So as the strong energy of 2022 continues and the days are longer and brighter, nature offers a gentle reminder that now is the time for YOU to double down and shine bright, allowing more of YOUR light into the world.

Your light is who you truly are behind the false identities you’ve created to feel an equally false sense of security.

But as you allow more of your light out, the false is revealed, fear is dissolved, and your abundance expands as you more fully step into living your purposeful path.

So how can you let more of your light out and shine more brightly in these last 6 months of 2022? Here are 11 ways.

11 Ways to Shine Bright in 2022

  1. Say yes to the secret desires that keep tugging at you. They are urging you to pay attention because as you live out these desires you automatically release more light.
  2. Be true to your word – trust yourself to follow through on what you say you’re going to do.
  3. Treat everyone as if they are the most important person in the world – including yourself.
  4. Give – a smile, a hug, a kind word of appreciation, a compliment, a thoughtful gesture – every little gift you give allows out more light.
  5. Be present to yourself and listen more to your own voice – what is she whispering to you? Allow that presence to shine through.
  6. Embrace your self-perceived faults and see how they have actually served you in your life. Accept that everything happens FOR you, not TO you. Be okay with yourself just as you are.
  7. Live with a heart of gratitude – feel all that you are grateful for every day, whether it is the gift of a kind word, the sunshine, a snowflake, the sound of your child’s voice, or simply the beating of your heart.
  8. Make your dreams bigger than your fears. You control the size of your fears.
  9. Have an “I CAN” attitude and drop small thoughts about what you’re capable of. “I CAN” opens the door to opportunities to share more of your light with the world.
  10. Accept and allow everyone as they are – including yourself.
  11. Laugh more – see the humor in everything. Don’t take life so seriously 😊.

You have SO much light to share. How will you use your light to light up this world in the second half of 2022?



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