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As a parent I really appreciated the range of activities the girls did and the different range of tools they learned about – all in service of building their confidence. And best of all was the bonding and camaraderie with the other girls in the program.

Mom of a Powerful Girl in New Orleans

The Powerful Girl Within was shared with my daughter at just the right time in her development. She felt inspired and centered as she enters puberty. She received tools to help understand and balance her feelings and aspirations. Her leader Celeste Kelly is a soulful guide for the girls to ignite their own unique inner power and peace. It’s a true gift for growing. Our whole family appreciated the program and we believe others will too.

Monique O. New Orleans

I just want to say a few words about the Powerful Girl Within Program that my daughter attended. I can honestly say this program definitely helps give girls the tools they need to be confident in themselves and also in learning to appreciate who they are.

Mom of a Powerful Girl in New Orleans

This was such a great opportunity for my daughter to experience. She has been able to better understand her views on what she wants in relationships with herself and with others. In today’s world it helps to have a tribe help to guide our children to become strong and independent thinkers who are aware of their surroundings.

AngeleMom in New Orleans

My daughter participated in the Powerful Girl Within Program earlier this year. This is a very important program for girls in their pre-teen years to learn skills for dealing with the pressures that face them in the years ahead. I wish I had something like this when I was her age. I’ve seen two long lasting behavior changes in my daughter in the months since the program. First, my daughter added a piece to our bedtime ritual where she shares with me something she’s grateful for. She does this every single night! It’s touching and delightful to hear her think and share this way. Second, I’ve seen her use some specific tools she learned in the program to deal with anxiety and stress. She started at a new school this fall and has used these tools to alleviate her anxiety over it. It is working! I can’t recommend the program enough.

AmyMom in New Orleans

After each one of these workshops I felt more confident with myself, like I could do anything. One of the things I learned helped me focus before a math test! You should definitely check it out.

Idaage 12

It is helpful and it is fun and a lot of expressing your thoughts. You do exciting activities like doing a vision board. It is fun!

Lilyage 11

It helps you express your emotions. It teaches you to love yourself and to forgive others. And it is never boring!

Sydnieage 12

I loved Powerful Girl Within! I have more self-esteem and it has helped me become more secure. All of the lessons were wonderful. Even if you’re just doing it for fun, I would totally recommend it. It was so fun!

Sophiaage 13

This workshop is super fun, and all the things we talk about (tools) actually work, like I subconsciously do them now. It’s very fun and you can express yourself, and Ms. Celeste is super awesome and relatable for pretty much every girl. You should definitely check it out.

Opalage 11

These workshops help me with my confidence and help me remember that I choose my reactions in difficult situations. It’s also super fun to learn with other girls.

Amelieage 12

Everyone is really nice and respectful and it really helps with self-esteem. At my age most girls don’t get to do these kinds of things and don’t understand how to help themselves, but this class helps with that if you were to send you kid to this class I would totally recommend it.

Sydaliseage 12

The workshop was REALLY fun and I recommend to tell your friends and do it with them. It has made me feel more confident and gave me tools to handle my life. And my teacher Ms. Celeste was an amazing teacher. She’s actually my friend’s mom which is really cool. Do this workshop! You’ll love it!

Zoraage 11

I know I wouldn’t have gotten off zero without her being my cheerleader and asking those tough questions!

I reached to Jill because I related to her story and I was inspired by what she had built in her business. Her loving, gentle nudge brought me to make the difficult decision to invest in myself and my dream of doing something that filled me with passion and purpose that also gave me more time with my family. I know I wouldn’t have gotten off zero without her being my cheerleader and asking those tough questions! She provided a lot of support – not only emotional, but technical as well – it is clear she has a lot of business and marketing knowledge and shared that with me throughout our time together.

I’m still early on in my journey, but I now have the momentum to keep on moving towards my dream and am starting to see the universe opening up for me in ways I would have never imagined. I am so grateful for Jill and the help and guidance she provided me!

Carrie RubinThe Modern Mom Society

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to kick it up a notch and take their business to the next level

If you are wondering how all the big wigs do it Jill Hope is your girl. She gives you the inside scoop in a practical, step by step approach. Her program is well organized, informative and inspiring. She is very personable, caring and willing to go the extra mile. There were times I needed a little hand holding and Jill was right there. Other times she gave me just the right amount of encouragement to keep me motivated and on task. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to kick it up a notch and take their business to the next level.

Sherianna BoyleAuthor of Mantras Made Easy

I want to thank you so much for your amazing help in my life. I have spent over $200,000 in training and you are definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have without effort manifested so much in my life already with so little effort. I am speechless. Most importantly I love and appreciate myself more which means I will naturally love and appreciate others more. Thank you for being such an excellent role model. You have changed me from the inside and I am a better and happier person because of you.

Dottie Fenton

Jill is REALLY good at holding space for her clients. It’s her super-power. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter, objectively view it and create a solution.

I have worked with several coaches and to be honest Jill is a master at her trade. When I took Powerful Girl Within I wanted support to be a better parent and have a better relationship with my daughter. Jill taught me that relationship starts with me.

In our coaching sessions we talked about anything that I am “dealing with” in life or biz. Our 1-1 sessions are pure gold!

Julia SlikeSelinsgrove, PA

I have started a new job… just one of the many new changes happening in my life. It all started by working your Powerful Girl Within program. My daughter is having a much better year at school. Though she still has some anxiety, her confidence with peers has improved dramatically.

My daughter and I also joined girls on the run after listening to your recording. It has been amazing. I never knew my body could run a 5k ever! Saturday is our big run and it will be a celebration of so many positive changes happening socially, professionally, personally.

Thank you for the program. It helped me put into action a lot of the practices I already thought I knew about. Yes they work much better when you actually do them, lol!!

Michelle B.

Our ten year old daughter had a “best friend” who she felt rejected her and picked a new “best friend.”  Since the 3 girls were all in the same class, our daughter started acting like a bit of a recluse there and the other students watched the dynamic, which snowballed negatively for her.

I decided to try Jill’s Powerful Girl Within Program which reinforced concepts I knew to be right – I just needed to hear them again and in a different way.

This program really helped me to look at how I could be contributing to the problem and how to give our daughter tools to feel strength within herself.  As a result, the dynamic changed (she changed it…consciously AND subconsciously…with these tools) and now the 3 girls are all friends, doing things together and enjoying each other’s company.

I learned how to step out of the situation and advise my daughter, and not just solve it by going to the other parents, etc….which was not empowering for her. She learned how to not take on others’ opinions of her as her reality and to choose her own truth and path.  She exudes much more confidence now, which trickled down into the other kids being attracted to her as opposed to leaving her alone in her sadness.

We now actively use affirmations, write in gratitude journals and use visualization techniques to help everyone in the family – not just our 10 year old! Thank you Jill for truly caring so much and offering the Powerful Girl Within Program, as well as your many other programs that are tailored to
individual needs!

Krista P.

Thanks Jill for providing a system of awareness and tools to help bring out the promise that our children possess.


My daughter (9 yrs old) and I have been seeing a child psychologist to help with her anxiety, low moods, friendship troubles, feelings of being unloved and overall resistance to everything I say. I knew if we were experiencing these issues now, we may be heading for a rough road through the teen years. Although we have made some progress with the psychologist, I still have feelings of helplessness, more questions and I feel dependent on each visit for answers. I also wonder how my daughter will feel about this when she’s more aware? Will she reflect and wonder why mom sent her to a doctor? And what happens if the money runs out?

Since doing the Powerful Girl Within course with Jill, I feel so much more empowered. I have tools and language to help me help my daughter. I really appreciated that Jill was just an email away from answering questions or helping me through a crisis when it arose. Much to my “surprise”, I learnt my daughter’s issues are mainly centered around my beliefs – not hers. I also never thought I was a negative person, but OMGoodness was I wrong! I actually do see things negatively when it comes to my daughter and I’m filled with “what if’s” and self-doubt. I am still going through the information provided to us by Jill and slowly putting exercises in place. I’ve noticed changes in the right direction already and feel optimistic and hopeful that as I keep implementing more and more of Jill’s strategies, we will get to that sweet place I want for my daughter and myself.

Forever Grateful to be on this journey. I’ve learnt so much already!


Jill’s coaching and time was so worth every penny, I got bigger “ah-ha’s” than I ever did in any counseling session or any other program I’ve done (and there have been many!) It’s so helpful to have someone to serve as a witness, who isn’t emotionally invested per se, someone who can help me see more clearly or help me see a new perspective that I just couldn’t get to all by myself.  I have been waiting for years to find a coach/mentor I could work with that wouldn’t just hold my hand, but also be able to hold the space, and ask the right questions to shed light on what really was going on for me. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to dig deep until now, but it really doesn’t matter, I loved my sessions with Jill and will come back for more if I get stuck in my own thoughts, or unconscious beliefs I’m unaware of.  Thank you Jill for helping me grow through some really challenging times!

Heidi W.

The Powerful Girl Within Program helped me review my look on self-esteem. I realized I needed to make peace within myself in order to be able to help my daughter see her own self-worth. In order to be a healthy role model, I realized I needed to be healthy in my thoughts first. The program helped define the real meaning of self-worth in our girl’s minds. It’s a wonderful program altogether.

Gulcin BScottsdale Arizona USA

I Shine’s Powerful Girl Within Program is a must-have tool for any parent looking to empower their child in a positive way. The easy-to-follow approach makes sense and has the potential to make a positive impact – both short- and long-term. I’m thrilled to now have more tools in my parenting toolbox. Thanks Jill.

Laura P.

In the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, Jill Hope has created a resilience based educational curriculum to facilitate character building, self-esteem and self-regulation in children. This holistic program provides resources for parents as well. The nine modules are well organized in providing guidance, strategies, lesson plans and more for educators and facilitators. I will recommend the I Shine program without reservation.

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
Co-Editor of the Handbook of Resilience in Children, 2nd Edition

I am registered! When I made the payment I realized how grateful I am for this opportunity to learn how best to support my daughter. When I compare the cost of the class to what I have spent on her camps, classes, and clothes — all to make her happy, help her feel good about herself, connect with friends, feel like she fits in, etc., I realize what an excellent investment this is. The Powerful Girl Within Program is something that will long outlast a new outfit because she will wear it on the inside and have it always.

Carol M.

I really believe you have helped redirect our relationship along a much better pathway. I remember with gratitude how you really helped me to look at my son, Alex, and the way I was interacting with him, in a new light which I really believe has helped redirect our relationship along a much better pathway.

Karen KhorNew York

I reached out to Jill when my oldest daughter was getting ready to leave for college and we were going through a painful separation process. She helped me see how much of the pain was coming from my own issues and not really what was happening with my daughter. Once I was able to focus just on my daughter and improving the connection we had it was so much easier. I wish I would have started working with Jill when my daughters were younger….but I know it is never too late to improve your relationships with your child. I am truly grateful to Jill for her guidance, she is a very gifted coach.

Lynn KorstMother of 3

I wholeheartedly recommend Jill’s Passion Test sessions to anyone who’s ready to make some changes in his/her life. Something in me definitely shifted in just two sessions. I feel I gained a clear understanding of what it is, on a soul level, that I really want . . . and of concrete steps for making those a reality. I keep hearing her words in my head – “We make many choices throughout our day. When faced with a choice, choose what will bring you closer to your passion!” – to the point that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to choose “not my passion”. I feel confident that I will be able to make my passions materialize – thanks to Jill’s clarity, insight, and kindness.

AllisonSharjah, United Arab Emirates

When Jill introduced me to the Passion Test I was very familiar with the Laws of Attraction and tried to incorporate the Laws into my life. The Passion Test took the Laws of Attraction to more of a practical tactical level. I really enjoyed learning about the test and applying it to my daily life. Jill was a very patient thorough instructor. While I was completing the test, some of my markers started to appear and they continue to appear as I work through my passions. I am very thankful that Jill introduced me to this process.

Annette Doorhy-CranleyWestmont, IL

I found Ms. Hope to be articulate, insightful, and could see her being a strong positive force in anyone’s life. Clearly, she is passionate about her work and has accumulated a tremendous depth of wisdom over the years. I would definitively recommend her program as well as her coaching!

Cherilynn Veland, LCSW, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jill Hope lives up to her name – she brings hope and inspirational teachings to parents who want to raise well-adjusted, spiritually nourished children. Jill’s passion for “enlightened parenting” shows in everything she does – from her interviews with top experts in the field, to the products she offers on her website. Jill Hope and is the “go-to” place for parents who want to connect with their children on a spiritual level.

The Child’s Self Esteem Bully Proof Program is a wonderfully clear guide. These audios not only empower children to reach their highest potential but they also help parents break through their own limiting belief patterns that are affecting their children. Highly recommend this program.

Jill is such a special woman and mother! I am so impressed by Jill’s unique stand to not just WANT our children to feel great about themselves and make excellent decisions, but to be one of the RARE individuals who actually DOES something about it. Jill is making our world a better place by bringing spiritual lessons for kids into the mainstream. Under Jill’s leading, parents will be offering their children the life skills we all desire.

Jill was telling me about a situation her son had faced and how he handled it. A school mate of his got up and moved away from him in the lunch room when her son sat down. It hurt his feelings, and he was sad when he came home from school. When Jill asked him how he thought he should handle it, he said “I am going to tell him tomorrow that he hurt my feelings by moving away from me.”

Jill is so good at teaching children. She asked him what to do and empowered him to make the good choice and to express himself. When she taught him that she saved him years of therapy! Her lessons and teachings are so powerful for children and for parents. Anyone would be luck to have her as a guide.

Michel RosenthalLife Coach LCPC

I love this approach, as it’s one I use myself! I find children today are more sensitive and can sense authenticity and a lack of congruency in their ‘teachers’

Today, parents and teachers need new skills, and we need to work together to create an ethos of empowerment around young people to unleash their potential. Congratulations Jill on getting it out there, as there is not enough of us supporting families in this way.

With Jill’s guidance I was able to start on a path toward more work/life balance that hasn’t been there in a long time. Jill helped me with identifying my priorities, as well as setting up a realistic plan to cover all my business, family and personal needs on a regular basis. Jill offers a highly effective tool set and coaching skills to quickly clarify realistic options that fit your situation.

Lisa MorellMotherChicago, IL USA

One of the biggest obstacles I face when parenting my children are the influences of other children and their behavior on them. the interview series provided a lot of techniques that I can use to change this situation for the better. You have done a good job of providing information, resources and links for getting more information, and I like the fact that the interviews themselves weren’t too long, making it easy to find time to listen to them.

Susan Hafemeister-FlintMotherUSA

My daughter was going through a tough time at school, including intimidation from some girls at school. Jill gave me seemingly simple insight into why this might be happening and how to change it. We pasted an affirmation on her mirror and almost instantly my daughter’s school experience improved. She is now friendly with the entire class, and even told me she’s much more comfortable being herself at school – no longer feeling the need to put on a persona.

One of the obstacles I’ve faced in my parenting is knowing for certain how to do it – what words to use when, what actions to take for discipline, and how soon. What I learned from the interview series is to really know your child, not to compare children to one another, and to always discipline in love. I thought the series was excellent!

Mary Mwatsama, MotherLondon, UK

I loved the honesty with which Jill talks of her personal experiences. This gives such a realness to her advice, which makes it more valuable. The biggest thing I learned from the interview series is to take ownership of my feelings as being separate from my childrens’ tantrums and acting out. Often I have negative thoughts running through my mind causing me anxiety, so when my children misbehave, I react badly. I’ve learned to calm down first myself to diffuse their behavior.

Raelee LawtonMotherCentral Coast, NSW Australia

I was thrilled to listen to such quality experts. What they had to say was truly inspiring and I want to thank you so much for making this information available. Keep up the great work!

Kim PatrickMotherMaroochydore, Queensland, Australia

Thank you Jill so much for your 11 New Parenting Rules! It was amazing to listen to you teach these rules with down-to-earth explanations and examples! Listening to these 11 rules and allowing my mind to open was such a positive experience. I am looking forward to applying the rules to parenting my 9 year old son and also applying these 11 rules in managing my life. Thanks again Jill!

Julie ArnoldMother of 1Andover, Minnesota

I just can’t say enough about how valuable Jill’s 11 Parenting Principles have been for me. Each principle that Jill lays out makes so much sense and she gives such great examples of how to start applying them to your daily life right away. I have read so many books about how to live and parent in a more positive and spiritual way, and while I have been able to glean once concept here and extract another idea there, Jill’s 11 Parenting Principles trims all of the fat and clearly and concisely lays out 11 great principles with easy to follow examples – all in one place. Thank you so much Jill for helping to bring about the positive change needed in my family.

Rita NistlerMother of 2

I had the privilege of being a part of the I Shine Child Self-Esteem Bully Proof program. My daughter, at the time, was only 14 months. I was not sure how helpful it would be at such a young age, but I discovered that I was able to start with a healthy foundation for her right from the start.

Using Jill’s suggestions to encourage my daughter with what she was doing well, with clear language, such as, “You followed directions”, instead of my typical response, “Good girl”, helps my daughter build her self-esteem with her own actions. I too was reminded that it is important for myself to stay positive with the outcome I want for my daughter. Being more aware that it takes both parent and child to help with this healthy outcome made me feel like I can do more that just trying to be a good example as my daughter continues to learn and grow.

Jeni IhmMother of 1

Since using Jill’s Bully-Proof Self-Esteem system, all has been going so well. My daughter seems a lot more cheerful, lighter and less worried about making friends ever since we’ve started affirmations. She says hers with delight and confidence. In one of my visualization exercises I imagine my children being surrounded by other children who are very interested in them and what they have to say. I affirm this with words.

Well, a week ago I went to my daughter’s gymnastics school to pick her up, but I was earlier than usual. I found her in the middle of a crowd paging through a photo album which didn’t belong to her. The crowd around her were listening very attentively. She had made friends…she was very happy. My child was never like that! She has always kept her distance from other kids, so self conscious. But what I saw brought a smile to my face; the picture was just so perfect.

Not only do I believe my children are fine now, but I know they are going to be for the rest of their lives because we have the basic tools. The Bully Proof Self-Esteem program has indeed being very beneficial to me and my children. Thanks Jill.

Tsidi BishopMother of 2South Africa

This course is amazing! In just one evening I came away with a great technique to empower my son. And, the added benefit is I feel more empowered in my life. Jill is so easy to listen to as she gives me the information I need and ways to put it to use immediately. I can see a change already! Thanks Jill.

Kirsten CarloMother of 2


Thanks Jill for providing a system of awareness and tools to help bring out the promise that our children possess.
Dad of 3, Chicago

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Jill Hope is a writer, empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, and founder of I Shine® ( Jill is passionate about supporting parents to build inner confidence in their kids, while supporting busy moms to discover their life purpose and live lives of greater joy, fulfillment, passion, and purpose. She knows that when you are connected to your true, authentic self, you give your kids permission to connect to and express theirs. As the founder of I Shine®, Jill has designed several unique and innovative programs that all share the message about the power we have to create lives of abundance, shine our inner light, and live according to our unique purpose. In addition, Jill certifies and licenses facilitators to teach her proven I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum, a social/emotional wellness program for kids aged 9-12 and her Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls, a program that cultivates confidence, self-acceptance, and positive peer relationships in girls aged 11-14.