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I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different approaches lately with regard to how I’ve been communicating with my son.  Frankly, we’ve been butting heads a lot lately, and just generally haven’t been getting along. I knew something felt off, so rather than look at what it was about him that was causing this challenge, and then try to change him, I asked myself “what is it about me right now that is causing this disconnect between us?”

It wasn’t long after that when I came across some words of inspiration that, when put into practice, have made a world of difference in our relationship. Not only that, but they’ve made a world of difference in how I go about my day and what shows up for me.

To paraphrase, the passage I found went something like this:

“Approach every situation with love in your heart”

At first glance, you might think this is nothing new – nothing you haven’t seen or heard a hundred times before.  However, have you ever really internalized this message?

To me, this means when presented with any situation, asking myself  “how would I respond to this situation if I came from a place of love?” It’s subtle, it’s simple, but boy is it powerful.

I have been doing this now for over a week, and I can’t tell you how much better things are. This was a long weekend, my son’s best friend was out of town, and I could have been in store for a lot of stress and whining. Instead, we have spent a wonderful 4 days together. Our house has been so peaceful and loving. It can’t be a coincidence that when I changed, everything changed!

Things aren’t only better between my son and I, but I now find that I am looking at people that I don’t even know with more understanding and love in my heart. And you get back what you give, many times over.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to give it a try. Before even thinking that first thought that precedes any words out of your mouth, ask yourself “how would I respond to this situation if I came from a place of love?”

Think you might forget to think this way in the heat of the moment? Then write the words down and put them up where you will see them. I guarantee that in a very short time frame, you will train yourself to think before you respond, and this will become very natural for you.