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I had an interesting experience this week that awakened me to the power of surrender. My son came down ill during the middle of last week. Initially I thought it was just a common virus and then he was diagnosed with Strep Throat. He initially started showing improvement once on the antibiotic, however 2 days in, he took a major turn for the worse.

He began have horrible stomach cramps and moaning in pain. This went on for hours. I paged the doctor on call in the middle of the night and was told what to watch out for. By morning, he wasn’t much better. I scheduled another appointment for him to be seen by a doctor. We were due to take him in that afternoon. By the time of our appointment, my son didn’t think he would even be able to get himself to the car.

Somehow we made it and at his appointment the doctor could not make a diagnosis and asked us to take him to the hospital. This boy didn’t even look like my son. He was so pale, he had deep red circles under his eyes, and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot. The suspicion was that he had appendicitis which may require emergency surgery.

As we drove to the hospital, I felt so helpless and desperate. My son is such a trooper and normally bounces back quickly from these types of things. It wasn’t happening this time.

As we sat waiting for him to be seen, I thought about all of the things I had done to control the situation and outcome. Trying to do the right thing but also trying not to overreact and scare him.

At this point I realized I had no control. There was nothing more I could do. I needed some help.

I put my thoughts to the higher intelligence, God, source, whatever you like to call it. I said “I know you can bring a positive resolution to this situation. I have done everything I can. I am leaving this in your hands.” At that moment, I surrendered the situation to God. I didn’t just surrender in words. I felt my energy shift to something that was much more peaceful. I felt a sense of release.

Not long after, as we continued to wait to be seen, my son asked if he could play a game on my phone. This surprised me, as he had not felt well enough to even think about playing any games up to this point.

By the time we got into the examination room, his face had brightened up. There was a glimpse of my perky, energetic boy behind those bloodshot eyes.

Would you believe that before the exam was finished, my son was doing jumping jacks for the doctor! This was the most life I had seen in him in the past 24 hours. And the change seemed to happen so quickly. The chance that he had appendicitis went down dramatically. Thoughts of an emergency appendectomy vanished from my mind.

Did my act of surrender create this dramatic change in my son’s condition?

I will never know for sure. However, I will hang on to this touchstone, this feeling I had when I was able to surrender to universal intelligence, as I want to remember the great sense of release and surrender I felt when I handed the problem to God.

How can you create a sense of surrender when you are feeling desperate? Here are my 6 tips:

1) Acknowledge that what is, is.

You know the saying “what you resist, persists.” When faced with circumstances, resist the urge to ask “why is this happening?” or to bemoan the fact that things should not be the way they are. The situation is supposed to be, simply because it is. By resisting this fact, you put up a block that delays a resolution from coming in and perpetuates the bad in the situation.

2) Acknowledge that you have done all that you know to do to help the situation.

When you reach the point where you know you have followed your intuition and taken any action you were inspired to take, then relax into the knowing that you’ve done all you can do in this moment. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilt or regret over choices you have made or not made. The emotions of guilt and regret are toxic and they cannot exist simultaneously with peace.

3) Bring yourself completely into the present moment.

Notice what is being said, how you feel, and what is going on in your thoughts. Focus all your thoughts on what is happening right now. Try not to jump ahead to what may be. All of your power exists in the present moment.

4) Call in a higher power (God, the universe, source, whatever has meaning for you) and ask that this power assume responsibility for bringing the problem to resolution.

Before you can receive the help you are seeking, you need to ask for it. The asking can be done out loud, in your head, in the form of a prayer, etc. It doesn’t matter how you ask, but clearly state your need and ask source for help. You’ve probably heard the passages “Ask and you will receive” or “Seek and you shall find”. Asking is the first part of surrender.

5) Finally, once you have asked God to fill your need, then let go of the problem and give it to him in the full knowing that he will bring you the answer you seek.

This is where the act of surrender comes in. I find it helpful to actually visualize myself handing over the problem to source and relieving my hands of it. When I do this successfully, I will feel a sense of peace and knowing come over me that is very calming.

6) Remain in the faith that your problem will be answered.

This is one of the hardest parts to do, but it is absolutely essential to receiving your answer. Leave your problem in the hands of universal intelligence until you see the result you seek.

These are the steps I followed to consciously help my son heal and I hope they can bring you some comfort when you are facing a challenge. I’d love your feedback on this article. Have you used these, or other strategies to create your miracles? Please share your thoughts here!