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I talk about this a lot: If you focus on what’s wrong, what’s bad, what you’re worried about, and what you FEAR, you send your energy there…and make that which you DON’T want to GROW.

And when you focus on what you want, on what possibilities exists for you, on what your opportunities are, and on what you love, you send energy there…and make that which you DO WANT to grow.

This idea is not a platitude. It is a universal law.

And, it doesn’t become inactive on non-applicable when you face a crisis.

In fact, it becomes even more important to heed this idea in times of struggle.

We are all being EXTRA tested right now.

So I ask you, during this most challenging time…what are you choosing to focus on right now?

And yes, YOU choose what you focus upon.

It may look ugly out there.

You may feel a great deal of uncertainty.

You may be feeling fear.

And you may focus on all of those things.

Or…you may see the kindness of strangers, the creativity of your kids, the gentleness of your partner….gifts everywhere you look.

Most likely, you’re seeing a little bit of both.

Now, more than any other time in recent history, we have a major opportunity to create the outcome we want.

And that outcome is influenced by our collective thinking.

It’s not easy when things are uncertain and in chaos. I get that.

But…we still have the power to choose how and upon what we focus our thinking.

And you owe it to yourself, your kids, your grandkids, your neighbors, your community to choose to focus on the outcome you want, not on the outcome you fear.

You have the freedom to be, do, and have whatever you want. Even in challenging times!

Vibrant wellness in all of the cells of your body and in the bodies of all humans.

Loving exchanges.

Sharing laughter every day.

Seeing every day and every circumstance as a gift.

Feeling confident and worthy.

I could go on and on. But the point is…through your focus you can add love and wellbeing to the collective consciousness or you can add fear, worry, stress, and dis-ease.

But just know…whatever you focus on, you ARE adding it to the collective consciousness. No thought goes unanswered.

I’ll say that again: No thought goes unanswered.

So, I invite you to take a few moments and write out what it is you wish to have created as the outcome of the situation we are all currently in.

If you had the sole power to create whatever outcome you wanted, what would that look like? What would it be? Write it down, feel it, and own it.

Then, put it somewhere where you can read it daily and be reminded of the power of your focus and your thoughts.

This is how we chart our course. This is how we create through universal consciousness.

Seeing you as the thriving, abundant being that you are.

With love,