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How are you holding up during these challenging times?

Whether you’re still working, have suddenly found yourself with a lot of unplanned time on your hands, or are overloaded trying to manage your kids and help them stay engaged in learning during the stay-at-home period, you may feel a lack of control right now.

When there is a lot of uncertainty, like what we are experiencing at this time, its easy to fall into feelings of anxiety, fear, lack of energy, overwhelm, repression, or depression.

I know I have bounced in and out of many of these feelings over the past 4 weeks.

I’m someone who likes to have things figured out, organized, and together. Yet, that is pretty much the opposite of what I am experiencing right now.

Some of the things stewing for me are:

What will my son’s high school graduation be like?

Where will he go to college (this is still not figured out!)

How will my business, I Shine, evolve through this time that is so challenging for so many small businesses?

What will life be like when this is all over?

What’s next?

With all of this uncertainty, the deeper question I am sitting with right now is this:

“How can I be healthy, centered, and present no matter what is showing up in my life? How can I feel ‘in control’, even when I’m not?”

Of course, like clockwork, when you ask a question, spirit gives you the perfect answer, customized specifically for you.

What I realized is this:

It is in my CHOICES that I access my power.

Perhaps this can be a powerful affirmation for you too.

One of the primary factors in whether or not we feel fear, a lack of control, or uncertainty is when our power to choose is gone.

Yet, even in uncertainty, like the kind that we’re living in right now, we still have choices.

And it is in your choices that you find your power.

So I am now focusing more mindfully on the choices I am making each day, making sure that what I choose is supportive of what I want to experience in my life, and “un-choosing” things that lead me away from what I want.

Connect to the power in you that chooses, and make the choices that ARE available to you right now, consciously and wisely.

There is a strength and power that you connect with when you exercise your power to choose.

Imagine coming out of these crazy, uncertain times feeling more centered, more powerful, more like the authentic you than ever before?

You’re not alone. You’ve got this.


P.S. The power of choice is a concept we hit heavily in our brand new I Shine Inner Wellness for Kids Online Program.

When kids realize how to access their power of choice in any situation, their confidence soars, they are more comfortable in their own skin, and their ability to have empathy and acceptance of others rises.

What a gift you can give to yourself and your child.