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Mothers are great healers. We tend to the wounds, nurse the fevers, and fight the battles right alongside our kids. When our kids are experiencing their bad moments, it is us whom they want to wipe their tears, give them a hug, and speak kind and encouraging words. While these are all healing actions we assume as mothers, it occurred to me that perhaps the greatest healing we can do for our kids is to heal ourselves.

I’ve often felt that the challenges my child faces are a direct reflection of what is inside me; these challenges are a mirror reflecting my deepest core beliefs, inner thoughts, and personal wounds. As I pondered this idea, it occurred to me that the greatest gift we can give to our children is to take care of ourselves first, wipe away our own tears, tend to our own wounds, and fight our own inner battles.

The ironic thing is that when a mother contemplates healing herself, she feels guilty and selfish for putting her needs first! What she doesn’t realize is that when HER inner world is healed, it is reflected in the world of her children!

When a mother can regain her truth, resolve her issues, and be whole again, she models for her children how they can take care of their world by taking care of themselves. You really can’t fix things outside of yourself, and often when you try, it ends in frustration and heartache and a lot of struggle.

When you can take the time you need to focus on yourself, find your strength, own your truth, and be who you are meant to be, you are giving the greatest gift to your child. You teach them how to heal their world from the inside out. What an unselfish act for a mother to undertake!

As Mother’s Day approaches, be aware of how you can take better care of yourself, and how your children may benefit as a result. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself and let the past remain in the past.

When you show yourself tender loving care, this love automatically extends to your children and all those you touch.

And remember, you don’t have to figure this out on your own! If you need some personal support to put your needs first and give your kids the gift of healing through your own healing, I can help:

Love to all of the mothers who give so much of their heart and soul to this important role in their lives.