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Have you ever felt like your entire life was melting down? Like nothing you did turned out the way you wanted it to, despite your best efforts? Like you’re doing everything you think you’re supposed to do but nothing is working? I was actually in this place not too long ago. I thought I was doing everything right, only to have doors close rather than open.

I finally had to stop. I knew this was not truth that I was living. I got quiet, tuned in to myself, and got the message “you’ve got to look for your miracles.”

Instead, I had been chasing miracles. There’s a big difference. When you look for miracles, it implies they are already there, just waiting to be uncovered. When you chase them, it implies that you are somehow lacking. And lack just draws more lack.

This simple change in my perception, that miracles are there and I just need to become aware of them changed everything. When I received the message to look for my miracles, I began to start every day proclaiming “I can’t wait to see what miracles I will uncover today!”

And you know what? The miracles began to unfold. Mostly small ones at first, but miracles nevertheless. New day, new miracle. This excited expectancy has added an interesting element to my life and has become a game I now play with my son.

How can you create daily miracles in your life? Try these 4 simple steps:

1) Shift your perception from lacking or doubting a miracle to expecting one

Expectancy opens your awareness to what is already there which you may have otherwise overlooked. We get what we expect and focus on.

2) Spend a few moments in quiet reflection asking to be shown a message or sign that gives you some validation as it relates to your miracle.

When I have taken the time to ask for a sign that I am on the right path, I am inevitably shown a message either on a license plate, in a quote someone sends me, or in a passage in a book that I pick up. These signs provide me divine validation that I am on the right path or they direct me to change course.

3) Be open to the idea that sometimes our miracle in disguised as a negative circumstance.

Sometimes what seems like a curse ends up being a blessing. When something happens that appears negative as you are being open to your miracle, see if you can see the positive side of the situation.

I recently had a minor skating accident and bashed my knee really hard. I could barely walk for the first day or so that it happened. I am very active, so this came as quite a blow. I did not know how long I would be limping or whether or not any real serious damage was caused. I asked to be shown my miracle.

Within one day, the pain subsided enough that I was able to walk without a limp. Within about 3 days, I was running at my usual pace again. I see my miracle as the quick healing I experienced with no long-term ramifications. The situation also blessed me by helping me to slow down a bit and be more present to what is, rather than being 10 steps ahead in my mind. I didn’t realize how much I needed this peace and quiet, but in retrospect it was exactly what was needed at the time.

4) Be in gratitude for everything that comes into your life.

The more you are in gratitude for what you do have, the more you are in a place of attracting more that is good. When you get into the habit of expecting daily miracles and can really feel and express your gratitude for whatever it is that you receive, you attract the next miracle that much easier.

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