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Is Your Child Bully-Proof? Take our quiz now and find out.


Answer each question honestly on a scale from 1-5 (1 means no or never, 5 means yes or always)

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1. Did you have trouble fitting in with your peers as a child?
2. In the past year, has your child ever come home upset because they were told they couldn’t be someone’s friend anymore?
3. Does your child shy away from social interactions with peers?
4. Have you ever had low self-esteem?
5. Does your child call him/herself stupid when they get something wrong?
6. Do you often hear the words “I can’t” from your child?
7. Did you feel unloved and/or a lack of being nurtured by your parents when you were a child?
8. Do you secretly wish your child had more friends?
9. Do you ever secretly wonder if there is something wrong with your child because it seems like he/she doesn’t fit in with their peers?
10. Have you ever worried that your child may struggle to make friends?
11. Do you often praise your child by telling them how good, smart, funny they are?
12. Does your child have fear and anxiety before a social situation?
13. Does your child struggle with solving problems on their own (with minimal intervention from you)?
14. Is your child’s natural inclination to see the glass half empty?
15. Does your child lack goals?
16. In the past year, have you frequently heard your child saying negative things about his/herself?
17. Does your child hold back doing things he/she would love to do?
18. Does your child have a hard time getting out of a “bad mood”?