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Jill’s coaching and time was so worth every penny, I got bigger “ah-ha’s” than I ever did in any counseling session or any other program I’ve done (and there have been many!) It’s so helpful to have someone to serve as a witness, who isn’t emotionally invested per se, someone who can help me see more clearly or help me see a new perspective that I just couldn’t get to all by myself.  I have been waiting for years to find a coach/mentor I could work with that wouldn’t just hold my hand, but also be able to hold the space, and ask the right questions to shed light on what really was going on for me. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to dig deep until now, but it really doesn’t matter, I loved my sessions with Jill and will come back for more if I get stuck in my own thoughts, or unconscious beliefs I’m unaware of.  Thank you Jill for helping me grow through some really challenging times!

Heidi W.