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Our ten year old daughter had a “best friend” who she felt rejected her and picked a new “best friend.”  Since the 3 girls were all in the same class, our daughter started acting like a bit of a recluse there and the other students watched the dynamic, which snowballed negatively for her.

I decided to try Jill’s Powerful Girl Within Program which reinforced concepts I knew to be right – I just needed to hear them again and in a different way.

This program really helped me to look at how I could be contributing to the problem and how to give our daughter tools to feel strength within herself.  As a result, the dynamic changed (she changed it…consciously AND subconsciously…with these tools) and now the 3 girls are all friends, doing things together and enjoying each other’s company.

I learned how to step out of the situation and advise my daughter, and not just solve it by going to the other parents, etc….which was not empowering for her. She learned how to not take on others’ opinions of her as her reality and to choose her own truth and path.  She exudes much more confidence now, which trickled down into the other kids being attracted to her as opposed to leaving her alone in her sadness.

We now actively use affirmations, write in gratitude journals and use visualization techniques to help everyone in the family – not just our 10 year old! Thank you Jill for truly caring so much and offering the Powerful Girl Within Program, as well as your many other programs that are tailored to
individual needs!

Krista P.