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Since using Jill’s Bully-Proof Self-Esteem system, all has been going so well. My daughter seems a lot more cheerful, lighter and less worried about making friends ever since we’ve started affirmations. She says hers with delight and confidence. In one of my visualization exercises I imagine my children being surrounded by other children who are very interested in them and what they have to say. I affirm this with words.

Well, a week ago I went to my daughter’s gymnastics school to pick her up, but I was earlier than usual. I found her in the middle of a crowd paging through a photo album which didn’t belong to her. The crowd around her were listening very attentively. She had made friends…she was very happy. My child was never like that! She has always kept her distance from other kids, so self conscious. But what I saw brought a smile to my face; the picture was just so perfect.

Not only do I believe my children are fine now, but I know they are going to be for the rest of their lives because we have the basic tools. The Bully Proof Self-Esteem program has indeed being very beneficial to me and my children. Thanks Jill.

Tsidi BishopTsidi Bishop, Mother of 2South Africa