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Whatever your view of how the pandemic has been handled, to mask or not to mask, to fully open up or stay in a bubble, who the better presidential candidate is, whether you see “orange man bad” or “the one who is saving our country”, whether you agree that black lives matter or that all lives matter, blue lives matter or defund the police, abortion or a woman’s right to choose, there is an extreme amount of division in this world, would you agree?

I am old enough to remember when we used to have differing views, we could discuss, debate, have a lively discussion, and then carry on clinking our glasses and having a laugh. And maybe we’d even play with these differing opinions in our own mind, considering these views, seeing them from a different lens.

But now in the current climate, if you believe differently from someone else, you are stupid, sheep, “must want people to die”, racist, hypocritical, not worthy of maintaining a friendship with, and more.

I have seen leaders….people who present themselves as spiritual leaders, even…who have obliterated others on public social media forums for thinking differently. I’ve seen them say things like “if you don’t believe x, we have nothing in common.”

However when you are triggered by someone’s differences to the point where you discount that person, unfriend them, lash out, question their integrity, and worse, you are projecting onto them the very qualities that lie deep within you that you have abandoned. Qualities that you have denied about yourself and have locked away.

This triggering process is a sign.

A sign that these parts of you are ready to be looked at, accepted, and healed. You encounter people, situations, and challenges to WAKE YOU UP to the growth that you are being called to do next.

Everything happens FOR you, not TO you. It is no accident that we are in this situation as earthly human beings at this very moment in our evolution.

When you can do this for yourself, turn the spotlight in rather than project it out onto others, you no longer see people as bad, wrong, not to be associated with, not caring about others, or as having nothing in common with you when you don’t agree.

Suddenly you see from the perspective of ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING and ONENESS.

But you MUST find this acceptance and understanding and oneness within yourself first. That is where the healing needs to take place. And it needs to take place within us all. No one is immune from this process.

We are being gifted an amazing opportunity to do just that right now.

We are in the process of the Great Awakening. Do you realize this?

We are being called to bring forth the light from within us.

The more you can connect with your light and shine it out into your own little world, those family, friends, and community members you encounter every day, the more you bring to the awakening of humanity.

When you encounter a differing view, rather than immediately putting your judgement on what it MUST mean if someone believes that, how evil or disgusting you think they are, how about if you try a new, more enlightened, love-based approach?

Take a step back from your judgement, LISTEN, and SEE what is going on from a higher perspective…a perspective of LOVE.

When you practice this enough, a new picture will begin to emerge.

It’s like those Magic Eye books. Remember those? The books have full page images on them that at first glance, look like a bunch of colored dots. You can’t see anything else but dots.

But if you focus in, look from a slightly different perspective, all of a sudden it hits you: A beautiful picture materializes.

Once you see it, you think “I can’t believe I couldn’t see it before!” And from that point on, every time you look at it, you can much more easily focus in on the beauty of the image, rather than the randomness of the dots.

Leaders can’t lead if they refuse to look within at their own judgements and wounds and instead, choose to project and categorize people into groups – acceptable people vs not-acceptable people. This is neither loving or an approach to be modeled. And it only further adds to the division.

(And we are ALL leaders, BTW)

You have more in common with your fellow man or woman than you think, yes, even the one who feels so dramatically differently from you. In fact, they are likely your greatest teachers right now.

You both have a beating heart, you both have the essence of the divine running through you, you both love your families, you both want to live a good life, you both want experiences that feel good, you both want to be happy.

We must stop condemning others and instead, turn on the light of truth within.

The more you heal yourself, the more you shine your light into a world that greatly needs it.

Will you step up and do your part for the awakening of humanity?

Love, Jill

P.S. I am here for you if you need help at any point through this journey.

P.P.S. And it’s probably no coincidence that this post is exactly 888 words ?