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Proponents of the Law of Attraction claim that we create our reality based on our thoughts. The idea goes something like this: If you are mostly thinking about what is missing or wrong in your life, you will attract more scarcity of what you want or more of what is wrong. If you are mostly thinking about what you want with positive expectation, it is likely you will start to see what you want.

I tend to agree with this philosophy as I have experienced much evidence of this idea in my own life, and particularly in my parenting.

It only seems to follow that if our thoughts allow us to create what goes on around us,  we should be able to use the power of our thoughts to help us to bring about the best in our kids, which is really what parenting is all about.

Here are 3 ways you can use your mind and the power of your thoughts to positively impact your children and bring out the best in them.

#1:  Become aware of the thoughts you are having about your children.

What do you really think about your children? What is the monologue running through your mind when you think about your kids? Is it mostly positive or mostly negative? Many of you will initially respond to this question with a knee-jerk reaction and say that your thoughts about your children are mostly positive. But, if you really spend time noticing your thoughts, you may be surprised that you have more negative thoughts than you care to admit.

Why is it important to be aware of your thoughts about your children? Our children absorb our thoughts, and our thoughts about them often become their thoughts about themselves. If you see something wrong with them, chances are they will see it too.

#2:  Focus on your child’s positive aspects.

Once you become aware of your thoughts about your kids, you can then consciously choose more positive thoughts. Look for the things you want to see in your children, rather than the things you don’t want to see. You tend to get what you expect. If you give energy to the positive aspects of your child, there will naturally begin to be more positive aspects to see.

#3: Focus on the end result you wish to create.

If your child is having a problem at school, dwelling on the problem isn’t going to solve it. Instead, focus on what you will observe in your child when the problem is solved.  Keeping your focus on the end result rather than on the current situation will attract the circumstances necessary to create the improved situation, as long as you don’t try to control the situation or circumstances.

By using your thoughts in these 3 simple ways, you will start to notice positive changes in your kids. They may be subtle at first, but as you notice each positive change, it will draw more of the same to the situation.