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Launch Your Practice Accelerator Program for Facilitators

Do you have lots of great ideas for getting yourself out there empowering kids but lack the follow-through necessary to make your ideas actually happen?

Have you allowed other life priorities to get in the way of you doing the work that your soul keeps nudging you to do?

Are you in a cycle of making plans, wishing and hoping they come to fruition, but then not taking the steps that would actually ensure they unfold as you desire?

Are your fears allowing you to say NO to what your heart keeps calling you to say YES to?

Do you feel a little lost and unsure of what steps to take to start doing this empowering work with kids?

Are you frustrated with your lack of progress in putting your skills and resources to work helping kids?

If you said yes to any (or many!) of these common patterns that hold the brightest and most passionate people back from following their heart and living their dreams, then I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

These feelings and modes of self-sabotage are so common – in fact only 3% of people actually fully live out their dreams as a result of falling victim to these very patterns that run their lives.

But, I’ve learned that as easy as it is to allow these patterns to take over, it’s actually just as easy to change them.

And that’s exactly what I did to make the leap from a high-paying corporate job to running my own successful business – all with a young child at home and a need to continue contributing to the family finances.

So why am I sharing this with you today?

Because I’ve noticed many of you experiencing what looks like these same self-sabotaging patterns…the ones that keep you down, not fully living your true purpose, and denying what your heart keeps whispering to you.

You were attracted to becoming a facilitator of our youth empowerment curriculums for a reason. You invested in yourself, in your heart and soul, because you knew there was something important you were meant to do to support our youth today.

But perhaps you aren’t moving forward the way you had hoped.

Of course you have what seem like very valid reasons.

But here’s the thing. Your ego is really good at finding ways to get you to stop – ways that seem SO very valid.

But when things keep happening – when there continue to be things that get in the way every time you consider moving forward, you have to ask yourself “What’s really going on here?”

From my experience, if you want to create something but you keep finding reasons to stop, there’s something more insidious going on than meets the eye.

The good news? When you choose to follow your heart anyway, to continue to ACT no matter what – these situations calm down and fade away.

The ego gets the message – you aren’t stopping.

So it backs down.

And at that point, you and your intentions are in control.

That’s when your dreams gain momentum. You start seeing results.

In this case, the kids in your sphere who desperately need these tools get them.

How great would that be?!!

But if you’re not there yet…and you’re tired of singing this same old tune, seeing this boring pattern play out, and are ready to commit and move forward once and for all, I’ve created a special opportunity to support you in doing just that…

“Launch Your Practice” Accelerator Program For Facilitators

In this program that is completely customized for you and where you’re at, you’ll receive 3 private Accelerator sessions with Jill where we will:

  • Identify the patterns and beliefs that are stopping you
  • Raise your consciousness so that you actually clearly see how you are stopping yourself (this is pure GOLD because you won’t be fooled into inaction any longer!)
  • Develop an action plan based on what’s stopping you and what YOU want to create, so that there are no more excuses (no matter how valid they are!)
  • Provide the accountability to follow-through on the plans and next steps we identify so you actually create the momentum you need

Once you’ve created momentum…GAME ON. LIVES CHANGED. HEARTS HAPPY.

It’s like getting a rocket ship off the ground…it takes an enormous amount of fuel to move the rocket off its launch pad and break through the atmosphere…but once it’s off, those boosters are no longer needed.

You don’t have to continue going around and around in a frustrating pattern of making plans, “wishing and hoping” they pan out, and then letting life get in the way and derail you from moving forward.

When you can instead DECIDE you’re going to do it, COMMIT to getting help, CRAFT your action plan with support, and ACT with the built in accountability of this program to back you, NOTHING can stop you.

What my clients love most about their work with me is that I act as a mirror into how they operate (which is often at an unconscious level) so they can make different choices going forward, while providing them with the loving “kick in the rear” they need to make it happen.

“Your choices create your results.”

Here’s the information you need if you choose to join me for the

“Launch Your Practice” Accelerator Program For Facilitators

Three 45-Minute Private Accelerator Sessions with Jill

Reg. $1200 (private clients start between $2500 and $7000)

Back-to-School Special Price $500

*Expires September 30

** Sessions must be used by December 15, 2019

“I know I wouldn’t have gotten off zero without Jill being my cheerleader and asking those tough questions! She provided a lot of support – not only emotional, but technical as well – it is clear she has a lot of business and marketing knowledge and shared that with me throughout our time together. I’m still early on in my journey, but I now have the momentum to keep on moving towards my dream and am starting to see the universe opening up for me in ways I would have never imagined. I am so grateful for Jill and the help and guidance she provided me!”

~ Carrie Rubin, The Modern Mom Society

“Jill is REALLY good at holding space for her clients. It’s her super-power. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter, objectively view it and create a solution. I have worked with several coaches and to be honest Jill is a master at her trade. Our 1-1 sessions are pure gold!”

~ Julia Slike, Selinsgrove, PA

If you’re ready to commit to making THIS back-to-school season THE season you start living fully aligned with your heart and put your well-earned certification to work for you and all of the children who greatly need this type of guidance and empowerment in their life, our Launch Your Practice Accelerator Program will help you.

My private clients pay start with me at between $2500 and $7000 for the exact same work we’ll do in the Accelerator program.

But I want to do something special for our Facilitators, because you’re SO close to getting out there and I can see that many of you just need an extra little boost to get there.

So I wanted to make it really easy to say YES to finally clearing the runway so you can take off and start living what your heart has been telling you to do.

Launch Your Practice Accelerator Program For Facilitators

Three 45-Minute Private Accelerator Sessions with Jill

Reg. $1200

Back-to-School Special Price $500

*Expires September 30

** Sessions must be used by December 15, 2019

“I realized that in working with Jill, my life went up to a whole new frequency. I am achieving my end result of abundance, and NEVER dreamed it would come about the way it is!! I am so grateful to Jill for starting me on a path that is actually delivering results (because, let’s face it, I watched the Secret). What makes her so effective? She listens deeply to understand, and therefore provides relevant guidance. She also has tremendous wisdom, vulnerability and humor. If you are ready to do the work, she is a powerful catalyst and guide.”

~ Stephanie Y

The kids NEED YOU! And I know on some level, you feel their call.

What are you going to do about it?

Allow life and all of the things that pull on your attention (which frankly, will never go away) and call it “bad timing”, “I’ll do it someday”, or some other platitude that we all use from time to time?

Or, are you going to get in the driver’s seat of your life, commit to get yourself out there NO MATTER WHAT, and give yourself the support you need so you create that momentum and become the positive force for kids you KNOW you’re meant to be?


“Jill’s coaching and time was so worth every penny, I got bigger “ah-ha’s” than I ever did in any counseling session or any other program I’ve done (and there have been many!) It’s so helpful to have someone to serve as a witness, who isn’t emotionally invested per se, someone who can help me see more clearly or help me see a new perspective that I just couldn’t get to all by myself. I have been waiting for years to find a coach/mentor I could work with that wouldn’t just hold my hand, but also be able to hold the space, and ask the right questions to shed light on what really was going on for me. Thank you Jill for helping me grow through some really challenging times!”

~ Heidi W.

This program is not right for everyone, but you know if it’s right for you. If you have questions, please reach out so we can help you gain the clarity you need.

And if you’re ready to move forward, I’ll be excited and honored to support you. Join us here:

Launch Your Practice Accelerator Program For Facilitators

Three 45-Minute Private Accelerator Sessions with Jill

Reg. $1200 (private clients start between $2500 and $7000)

Back-to-School Special Price $500

*Expires September 30

** Sessions must be used by December 15, 2019

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be making the impact you know you’re here to make for kids.

You DO have what it takes, and there is NO other time but this present moment. If you’re feeling it now, now’s the time.

Lots of love,



Thanks Jill for providing a system of awareness and tools to help bring out the promise that our children possess.
Dad of 3, Chicago

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Jill Hope is a writer, empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, and founder of I Shine® ( Jill is passionate about supporting parents to build inner confidence in their kids, while supporting busy moms to discover their life purpose and live lives of greater joy, fulfillment, passion, and purpose. She knows that when you are connected to your true, authentic self, you give your kids permission to connect to and express theirs. As the founder of I Shine®, Jill has designed several unique and innovative programs that all share the message about the power we have to create lives of abundance, shine our inner light, and live according to our unique purpose. In addition, Jill certifies and licenses facilitators to teach her proven I Shine® Inner Wellness Curriculum, a social/emotional wellness program for kids aged 9-12 and her Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls, a program that cultivates confidence, self-acceptance, and positive peer relationships in girls aged 11-14.