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Empower My Daughter

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Eliminate Low Self Esteem and Empower Your Daughters in Under 4 Weeks! A Proven In-Home Program. Fun for your kids. Increase Your girl’s Self-Esteem, and empower your daughter.

  Enable your daughter to feel more comfortable expressing herself without fear of what others will say or think
Avoid years of struggle that can persist and continue to get worse in your daughter’s life.
Feel the deep satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that you are taking action to improve your daughter’s life

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my kid has a bully, help me deal with my kid is being bullying

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The “Powerful Girl Within” Program

The  “Powerful Girl Within” Program is a unique, live 5 session class that will help you to dramatically improve your daughter’s confidence, self-assuredness, and self-worth. What’s best is that the class is set up so that you can participate over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

In the program, I will personally take you step-by-step through the strategies I have used in my own life and which I recommend to my clients to dramatically change their daughters’ ability to fit in and improve their experiences with friends.

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The I Shine Kids ‘Empower My Daughter’ Program is A Proven Guided Learning Set That Includes:

  • Instant access to each recorded session in downloadable mp3 format.
  • Reference sheets from each session that will help you to reinforce the key principles.
  • Handouts detailing the exercises to make the whole process really easy and straightforward.
  • Online access to class library containing all documents, recordings, and bonuses in an easy-to-access, organized format.

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