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I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum

Can you imagine a world where every student took responsibility for themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, and their emotions? A world where every student knew and appreciated their own unique gifts? A world where students embrace those who seem different from them? A world where every student felt capable of choosing their feelings, and empowered to take control in a positive way in situations that challenged them?

I’m Jill Hope, Founder of I Shine at ishinekids.com, and I can imagine that world. In fact, at I Shine, we’ve created a unique and innovative school curriculum that is helping to create that world, one student and one classroom at a time.

The I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum is a 9 month, 34 lesson, character and self-esteem building curriculum that focuses on the emotional and social wellness of children in Grades 3-5. The program was built to allow maximum flexibility for the teacher, so that it can easily be taught alongside the required curriculum.

To learn more about the benefits of the program for your students, please view the video below.

The purpose of the  I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum is to:

Inner Wellness Curriculum Wheel

  1. Teach students about their individual worthiness
  2. Reveal to students their unique and special gifts
  3. Demonstrate to students how they can take responsibility for their lives
  4. Show how ultimately, each student can have a positive impact on the lives of others.

As a result of this program:

  1. Both the classroom and school-wide environment will shift to that of greater acceptance of an individual student’s own uniqueness
  2. There will be an increase in the acceptance of the differences in others
  3. There will be greater self-awareness and ability to manage one’s own emotions
  4. There will be a reduction in bullying behavior

The I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum is best suited as an introduction in Grade 3, with further repetition and reinforcement in both Grades 4 and 5. Due to the prepared, easy to follow, and flexible nature of the I Shine program, it can easily be integrated into the existing school curriculum with minimal preparation and impact for classroom teachers.



Based on the data I Shine gathered during a pilot of the program, here are the most significant findings upon completion of the program:

  • Students feel more empowered to take charge of a situation and improve it when something happens to them that they consider to be bad
  • Students feel more confident in asking a peer to stop when they felt the peer was bossing them around or trying to control them in some way, in other words, bullying.
  • Students feel more confident in their ability to let go of a situation where someone hurt their feelings
  • Students feel better able to cope if a friend decides to eat lunch with someone else
  • Students are more likely to play with a new student at school


  • Parents’ perception that their child accepts his/her shortcomings improved
  • Parents’ perception that their child is quick to blame others when circumstances become unpleasant decreased
  • Parents’ perception that their child now takes responsibility for his/her circumstances improved


 “In the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, Jill Hope has created a resilience based educational curriculum to facilitate character building, self-esteem and self-regulation in children.  This holistic program provides resources for parents as well.  The nine modules are well organized in providing guidance, strategies, lesson plans and more for educators and facilitators.  I will recommend the I Shine program without reservation.”

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.

Co-Editor of the Handbook of Resilience in Children, 2nd Edition



Here are some of the most significant comments parents made about what they observed as a result of their child’s participation in this valuable program:


  • “My child has a more positive outlook on different situations.”
  • “She holds herself accountable for her actions.”
  • “My 8 year old daughter lit up when I asked her if she liked the program. She said she liked it a lot and learned how to be a better friend.”
  • “He’s better at expressing his feelings.”
  • “My child’s self-esteem, confidence, and acceptance of shortcomings all improved this year.”
  • “Stronger sense of self and improved confidence”
  • “Self-assurance and problem solving improved.”
  • “Taking responsibility for his part in a situation – good or bad”
  • “My daughter is much better at communicating in a positive way when she feels bullied or wronged by a friend.”
  • “My daughter’s confidence has grown.”
  • “My child thinks about why they are feeling bad about something, and then thinks about how to rectify it.”
  • “He was able to communicate his behavior / mood change in a more articulate way.”
  • “She says she learned she has a choice about being happy or sad.”



  • There is great value in the conscious breathing exercises at the start and end of each lesson as they allow both teacher and students to become centered and focused on the lesson at hand. The benefits are even extended during class times other than during the wellness lessons.
  • The introduction of a vocabulary of words that describe social/emotional situations the students are faced with has been very beneficial. Students are making tie-ins back to these concepts when situations present themselves during the day, and are able to better express themselves and their feelings about these situations.
    • For example, when Spanish class was canceled, the students just said “we’ll just go with the flow”, a concept discussed in Module 4.
    • In another example, when a student had a concern about a friend, where previously she would have asked the teacher to get involved, the student now told the teacher she felt confident to speak to the friend on her own.
  • The students feel the lesson time offers a safe space to express themselves and share their feelings without judgment, which is leading to greater overall acceptance amongst the students.
  • The program offers a good flow with enough flexibility to be easily integrated amongst the other priorities and teaching requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about the I Shine Inner Wellness Curriculum, or in exploring the possibility of integrating this program into your classrooms, please contact Jill Hope at jill@ishinekids.com.

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